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Battleship Movie Review

Wow, I just watched one of the best action movies I've seen this year! I was a little hesitant going into the movie, but I like Liam Neeson and decided to give it a try. And you know what? I'm glad I did. I was in an action movie mood and this was the best fix for it! 

So, the movie is basically about an alien attack on earth, lightly based on the Battleship game. Some cool stuff was added into the movie to make it like the game a little bit, but that was about it.

However, it was a great movie! Great acting, great script and just great everything.

Movie stars Taylor Kitsch as Alex Hopper. Rihanna (yes, you read that right, Rihanna) as Raikes. Brooklyn Decker as Sam Shane. Liam Neeson as Admiral Shane.

First, I wanna say that I was actually impressed with Rihanna's performance. I was also a little hesitant about how she would do with her first ever movie role. But I thought she did excellent. If she ever wants to really break into movies, I think she would succeed in the movie business. This is the first movie I had ever seen of Taylor's. He's actually pretty good, too. Not to mention cute. :) Like I said above, I like Liam Neeson. And although he's not in the movie that much, he still was great whenever he was on screen.

Now, that's get to the movie. I felt like it was a little bit like the Transformers movies. But I didn't mind because I love Transformers, too. 

They first start off with a little background on the main star. Which was nice. But it doesn't take long at all for the action to start. I believe it was only like a 10 minute background before the action began and it lasted until the end. Which I love those action type of movies. I don't like it when they wait forever to get to the action. But this one didn't. There were also some light hearted moments, too. Just to lighten the mood. Which was nice. I like a little comedy with my action movie. That way, it's not so intense all the time. And keep in mind, it's a good a little over 2 hour movie. I, however, didn't even realize it had been that long because of how fast paced the movie was going. Another thing I like about movies. When it's that good that you don't realize it's been over 2 hours.

It seems like some of the action movies I've seen lately have been filmed in Hawaii. Not that I mind, though. Hawaii is a beautiful place for filming a movie. 

The music was amazing in this movie! The score and the actual songs were great. Really fit to what was going on in the movie. Whoever picked the music for it, did a great job! It really made me want to buy the soundtrack. And I don't normally buy movie soundtracks. So, that's saying something! :) 

So, go ahead and watch "Battleship". In no time at all, with watching the movie, you'll be saying "You sunk my battleship" because we sure were! :)

Here's the commercial for it (it's now out on DVD and Blu-Ray):