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Burn Notice "Desperate Times" (Summer Finale) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, betrayal must really be the theme in shows right now. I'm not complaining, though. I just think it's funny when different shows have the same themes. But I'll get to more about this in a minute.

Michael decides to bring the CIA in on the case with the stuff that he's learned about Nate's murder and no one is happy about that. Not entirely sure why, but whatever.

Now we have a face to the name: Tyler Grey. He was caught on a video tape breaking into some place.

Tom not getting Michael a team. Tom has to send Michael down to Panama on an official case for Michael to be able to do the case.

Madeline's back! Michael goes to visit her before he leaves for Panama. She looks pretty bad in this first scene that we see her in. But maybe that's what they wanted. To make her look depressed and stuff. She says some pretty horrible stuff to Michael. Guess she is still trying to get over Nate's death because she is even blaming Michael.

Brady, new guy that's helping them in Panama.

How did the bad guys know where Michael was at in Panama, weird, right?

Poor Jesse, no shoes. Funny moment to lighten the mood for a couple scenes.

At first, I thought the car pulling up was going to be more guys with guns, but it turns out to be Tyler! Michael sees him and starts to wildly shooting at him, so he gets away.

Madeline is at the CIA, why? To find out more about Nate's death. Tom won't give her anything, but she starts to blackmail him, so he gives in.

Anybody else catch the fact that Madeline said that she lost her husband to the CIA, too? I thought he was like into drugs and stuff or did I misunderstand her?

As soon as Brady got shot by Tyler, I knew he wasn't gonna last much longer. Still sad, though.

Man, Jesse is having a tough day, first no shoes, now he got shot, too! Almost gets blowed up, but Michael gets the bad guy in time. That's when we find out everything. Knew something was wrong right off the bat. When the bad guy starts laughing, you know something's wrong. Michael finds out from Tyler that Tom is the one who sent Tyler to do all this stuff. See, I told you guys, that betrayal is just the theme in shows right now. But I don't mind because each time it's someone I'm not expecting in a million years. I'm shocked to find out Tom is the bad guy. But why? However, that's where it leaves off. Brady dies trying to save the guys from the bomb that Tom sent after them, and now the team is left in Panama by themselves with no way out and supposedly Tom still knows that they are there. Even though he thinks they died, I think he'll find out, when it starts again, that they aren't dead and go after them again. But man, what a season finale, right? 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments! :)