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Burn Notice "Official Business" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Fiona learns that she's an asset for the CIA now because of the contract she signed to get out of jail and now she has to work a case with them.

Michael is trying to set up a meeting with Vale, the guy who the hit man came from that killed Nate. But he has to go to Sam's girlfriend to get expensive stuff so that he can look the part of who he's playing. The meeting worked, too. 

Then Michael learns the bad news that Fiona is now an asset for the CIA and the fact that she has to work with Matthew and Gabriel who aren't the best agents in the world. Almost got Sam killed twice and Sam saved their lives as well.

The case: Vincent, black market dealer guy. His girlfriend, Angie, is another asset for the CIA. Michael insists that he helps with the case. CIA agents aren't thrilled about that, but you know Michael. He always wants to protect Fiona. But that leaves Sam to work with Jesse on the side case for Nate.

At first, I thought that Jesse almost blew the deal with the guy when he and Sam went on the tour/meeting. But, he was actually supposed to do that. And it sort of worked to begin with.

You can tell pretty fast that Matthew and Gabriel aren't the best of agents because they didn't have anybody checking on Vincent to see if he truly was where he was supposed to be when Fiona was trying to break into his office. Since nobody was there to see if he was still there, he came back all too soon and almost caught Fiona, but thanks to Angie, she got them out of that mess!

Close call with Fiona and stuffing the thing up the pipe in the car. Vincent caught her doing something, but Fiona is fast and got it done before he came to her.

Looks like the plan is going smoothly with Jesse and Sam. Their entire plan worked. 

Didn't understand at first, why Fiona was stuffing the pipe, but now I do. She wanted the car to break down so that she could go to a car shop so that she could get stuff from Michael. Nice.

CIA guys have a little trouble inside the shop, though. The worker that's there won't leave. Now Michael gets involved. We don't see what he does, but I'm thinking he knocked the guy out or something. Fiona couldn't help but smile when she saw Michael come out of the shop in the worker's uniform.

So, like I said above, Jesse and Sam's plan worked fine and they got the guy "working" for their company now. And now they are in the file room and all they find on Nate's killer are the letters: T and G. That's it.

Angie looked really nervous when she was doing her part of the plan staying in the room with Vincent while Fiona was trying to break into the safe. Thought it was strange that she left and a few minutes later we know why. She's the bad guy, not Vincent! Get's Fiona trapped in the room with a bomb! Michael better figure out somethings going on. But Fiona somehow gets out of the handcuffs and calls Michael and everything works out.

But the CIA guys have a cow with everything blowing up and stuff. When you work with Michael, this stuff will happen. They try and get in Michael's way, but you don't want to get in his way when he's trying to save Fiona. That's just a bad idea.

So, Fiona tries to tell Vincent that Angie is the one that set up the bomb, but he doesn't believe Fiona. Fiona tells them how to disable the bomb, but that's when Angie tells the truth because she is the only one who knows how to disable it correctly. 

Michael is not happy with the news they got on Nate's killer. Big surprise there (being sarcastic). But at least they have a little info on the guy now. 

You thought it was over then, didn't you? Well, think again. They go back to Vale and have a meeting in the same place. We find out that someone has been following him because he thinks Michael sent someone after him. But before Michael could say anything, Vale gets shot! Oh, before that, we find out that T and G means Tyler Grey. So we now have a name! We just don't know who shot Vale, but he looks mighty scared before that. But what an episode, huh?

Did you like or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

Here's the promo from the season finale (which already aired and was amazing, btw):