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Castle "After The Storm" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

What a great start to the new season of Castle. Too funny and with action in it as well. Just one of your classic episodes. But with something new. Romance between Castle and Beckett, finally! :) The opening scene was too funny. It starts off the next morning, Castle waking up in bed thinking what had happened was a dream, but then in comes Beckett and he realizes it wasn't. When Castle's mom comes home, is too funny, though! He like panics. I just loved the part where Castle pushes Beckett off the bed! Then tells her to hide in the closet! Not sure why they are afraid to tell people. Everybody already knows anyways. But what was also funny, is that we did a repeat of this at Kate's house! Too funny. His mom was supposed to be gone, but came home early because Alexis' party got a little out of hand and she got her first hangover! That scene was also too funny. Castle trying to distract Alexis and his mom for Beckett to escape!

At first, I was a little nervous to see them finally get together because that's basically the premise of the show and I was afraid when that happened, the show would lose it's storyline. But after this episode, I'm actually excited to finally see their relationship and how they deal with it and see where it goes.

So, they are still looking into who killed Kate's mother. Ryan finds a wedding photo album with a picture missing. Possibly the bad guy after Kate right now, took it to try to get to the people who are protecting Kate. They thought it was over, but it's not.

At first, I was a little confused with what Esposito was up to. I thought I had missed something. But a few minutes later, we know he's just helping Kate with the case.

Man, I thought Castle and Kate were too late to Michael Smith's house, but he was actually still alive! I was surprised. However, he gives Castle a very odd message "86". No idea what that means. But later we find out it was part of an address!

So guess what? Castle and Kate go to the address and it was an abandoned warehouse. They are searching, but little do they know, the bad guy is there! Sneaks up on them and locks them in the bathroom while he searches for the file. But somehow Esposito knows where they were going and gets them out and they go after the bad guy. The bad guy finds the safe, but it was booby trapped and it blows up, along with killing the guy. But don't worry, Esposito, Castle and Kate are all fine. The story they told their Captain was hilarious! Castle with his "bad karma" quote was too funny!

Another funny scene. Poor Ryan getting guns pulled on him when he goes to Kate's house because they think it's the bad guy all of the sudden showing up again. Ryan got the shredded pieces of paper from the file and they are going to piece it back together! Wow, that's gonna take time. But it pays off. They find an account number and finally get a name! The name they find is the Senator! He's the one who put the hit on Kate's mom! They don't have any proof, though. Try to get it out of Michael Smith, but he says there isn't any. Castle and Kate leave the hospital, but something strange happens. The guard on duty for Michael Smith, leaves and then when Castle and Kate reach the room, Michael has had what appears to be a heart attack. Either he did have one, or somebody got to him.

Now Kate is mad that they can't do anything to get the Senator and goes after him herself. Castle, Ryan and Esposito realize that and try and get there in time before she does anything bad, like kills him. At first, that's what I thought she was going to do, but she ends up just blackmailing the guy. I think the deal basically was that she is safe now and everybody she cares about is, too or else she'll release the information she has on him and it would ruin his career. She pretended that the file still existed. Good move on her part or it could be bad later on because he could find out that she was lying to him.

But I gotta say, that this season premiere has probably been my favorite so far. I mean, most of the ones I've watched have all been great, but for some reason, I really loved this one. Did you guys like it? Let me know in the comments!

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