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Covert Affairs "Glass Spider" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

They find out that Jai was investigating Simon and so Arthur and Joan find out that Annie has been involved with Simon in another case.

Wow, what an episode! So much happened. In a way, I almost wished that this would have been the season finale because man, what a cliffhanger, but I'll get to that.

So, Annie and Auggie find Jai's safehouse and they learn that he was looking into Simon. Not really sure why, though. But that was an interesting fact we learned there. At first, we just see this mysterious car coming to where Annie and Auggie are and for a minute, I thought that bad guys were coming. A few minutes later, we find out it's just Arthur and that they called him to come. Good, glad they aren't really going behind his back. Seeing as Auggie kind of did to get the info.

Another piece of news we learn, is that Simon is in DC again and didn't inform Annie. Strange, right? Normally he would have. Annie finally speaks up about knowing Simon, though. As I predicted, Arthur and Joan are not happy about it, but it does come in handy with the investigation.

Now they want Annie to call Simon and make a meeting to bring him into the CIA. But you could totally tell that Simon knew something was wrong.

Lena and Joan do not like each other still and the whole Simon case makes matters worse between them and so they have a very uncomfortable ride in the elevator together and a very awkward conversation.

Did not understand why Arthur visited Jai's dad in the episode. I think I missed something?

Simon knew all along that Annie worked with the CIA! I kind of figured that was the case, but this episode, he made it more obvious that he knew. 

Man, Simon and Annie's meeting goes bad fast. One second, it's fine, the next second, Simon is shooting a guy. Of course, the bad guy drew his weapon first on him and Simon just reacted and shot him, too. We also learn that the shooter was not with the CIA. So, now someone is after Simon.

The CIA is not happy with Annie now. She just destroyed her listening device! I believe she did it just so that she could have a private conversation with Simon to try and get him to come into the CIA and to tell him her feelings about him. Why do I get the feeling that she doesn't want Auggie to know about her feelings for Simon? But the plan backfires. Simon leaves and now the CIA is really mad at her.

Well, the shooter that was at the mall with Annie and Simon, was also at the restaurant when Annie met Jai the morning he died! So, now we have the guy that killed Jai. Just not sure why. They find him at a hotel. At first, I thought it was gonna be a trap because it seemed too easy, but no, he indeed was there, but kills himself right in front of the CIA people and they needed him alive.

Strange that Auggie was listening to that one part in the conversation between Simon and Annie and now we know why. He was trying to figure out who destroyed the listening device and he finds out it was Annie who did it. Now he's mad/sad and asks her why and if she loves Simon! Of course, she can't tell Auggie her feelings about Simon. Either because she doesn't know herself or she doesn't want to tell Auggie because she likes Auggie more. I personally think it is the reason that she likes Auggie and didn't want to say anything. It would make sense.

Annie calling her sister? Didn't really understand why she did that, though. I kind of miss her sister in the show.

Right when Lena walked into Arthur's office and said that they needed to talk about Annie, I thought immediately that Lena could possibly be the bad guy and was trying to frame Annie. Anybody else think that or was it just me?

Annie is being investigated by the CIA! Auggie calls her to tell her to get back there to find out what's going on. 

What a surprise, Simon is at Annie's house! And he just asked her to leave the country and I was shocked by her answer! She said yes! But then while she's quickly packing, she decides to go back into the CIA and calls Auggie to tell him that. Then she goes to tell Simon and that's when it all just goes wrong very fast and what a twist, too. We find out who the bad guy is! And for me, it was quite a shock, too. So, the bad guy in the CIA is: Lena! Would have never thought in a million years that she would have been the bad guy and you know what's funny? Is that I was just beginning to like her in this episode. A little more then Joan. But Joan had a good reason not to like her. Just when I was beginning to like Simon, Lena shoots him! And also shoots Annie! Do not know if either of them are alive. Well, Annie better be since she's the star. Don't know if Simon is alive or not, but I'm assuming he isn't. Or maybe I'm just preparing myself for the worst. Because I truly was beginning to start to like Simon and now this. Betrayal seems to be the themes in shows right now. First, "Pretty Little Liars" and now this one. Both were big shockers and ones I didn't see coming. I don't mind betrayal episodes when it's someone you didn't see coming in a million years. Now you guys know why I think this would have made a perfect season finale. Don't know who's alive or dead. I'm just hoping this show has a major cliffhanger whenever the season finale does come. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

Here's the promo for next weeks episode (looks like we might have an Auggie and Annie moment - perhaps in a dream state, though?):