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Covert Affairs "Let's Dance" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, what a great season finale! Kind of wish there was more of an intense cliffhanger. But it was still a great episode!

Annie, thank goodness, is alive. Didn't think she could die. Seeing as she's the star. But we see her breaking into a house. Not sure who's house it is at first or why she is there, but we find out that it was Lena's house. 

Auggie trying to get Annie to talk to him about what happened to her. Auggie really does know what she's going through. She should listen to him and talk it out. 

Don't know if Joan has ever been to Annie's house. Has she? She's letting Annie go!

Love how Auggie wants to be there for Annie no matter what! And he's worried for her. I could see why. Going in with not being able to call into the CIA to ask for help is kind of scary.

What a surprise to find out that Annie plays the piano! Trying to get to the bad guy. But it doesn't quite work. At least, not yet. But does Annie give up? Nope.

Going to a restaurant. But weird that Simon's tattoo is on her tea cup. Before we could find out why, she notices someone following her! But it's just the piano guy.

Poor guy, Lena used him! Annie's plan almost works, but not quite yet.

That it was weird that Joan decided to tell Arthur about the "mission" with Annie. She could get fired for this, but I don't think Arthur would do that.

Aw, it's Simon's sister, the waitress at the restaurant! I think that's why the tattoo must have been on the cup. So sweet that they are meeting. And finding out that Simon really liked Annie.

The piano guy finally agrees to help Annie! Finds out where Lena is and practices shooting. Doesn't go off well at first because of her gun shot. But after a little practice, it works. Guess the saying's true "Practice makes perfect!". :)

But the whole plan falls apart. Lena's route was just a trap. It wasn't Lena and we find out that she got to the piano guy again and that he still liked Lena and that he was working for Lena again. But Annie finally finds out the real location of Lena and goes there.

Arthur perhaps going to get fired because someone found out that Annie was sent after Lena but it wasn't an actual assignment. Also, Joan resigns! But like I said, not sure if Arthur will go for it.

They kind of show us Auggie's feelings about Annie! Well, sort of. All he says is that there's something he wants to tell Annie, not over the phone, but face to face and that he wants her to come home safely! I'm thinking he's starting to realize his feelings for her and wants to tell her that.

At first, I thought that the girl that the bad guys were following was Annie, but it turned out to be Simon's sister! They really do look a lot a like. It was all a trick to get Annie to where Lena was at.

What does Lena mean about the truth about Simon? Was there stuff we didn't know about him? Or was she just trying to not die? Wow, this episode really made me not like Lena at all! She expected Annie to fall for Simon! Lena offers Annie a job! She wants Annie to betray her country, the CIA, everybody, to become the next Lena! Haha, yeah right, like Annie could ever do that! Thought that Annie couldn't kill Lena, but I was dead wrong! She shot her! But she could claim self defense because Lena went to pull her weapon and I think Annie knew what she was gonna do.

Didn't you just love this season finale? Well, we won't have to wait long for next episodes. Only 4 weeks! How awesome is that?