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Covert Affairs "Loving The Alien" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Simon invites Annie to go to Cuba with him because he has a business trip. But the CIA doesn't want her to go, so therefore, she has no back up on this trip.

Each episode I watch that has Simon in it, I try and figure out if Annie truly likes him or if she's just doing this for her job. But, each episode, I have a different conclusion each time. However, this time, I think I've made my decision that I believe that Annie does like Simon. Maybe not like in love with him, but she does like him. I'm not sure why I get that feeling. At first, I didn't like Simon. But this episode and September 3rd's episode, made me really like him. Don't get me wrong though, I am all for Annie and Auggie being together! I just don't mind Simon, either. So, if Annie can't be with Auggie right now, Simon isn't a bad choice. Even though he could possibly be a bad guy.

So, onto the episode. Simon asks Annie to go to Cuba with him! He's going on a business trip, but still wants her along with him. Annie wants to go whether or not the CIA approves. And guess what? She goes.

Was it just me or did Auggie seem to know that Annie wasn't telling him the truth when he asked her where she was going? Poor Auggie.

Lena got her a passport to get to Cuba without being detected by the CIA and it worked! Thank goodness.

This episode made me really wonder if Simon knows that Annie is working for the CIA. Just how he talked to her and stuff. However, after watching the Sept. 3rd episode, we find out more stuff about that. Yes, I know I'm behind on blogging, but I'm trying to slowly check up.

Lena covering for Annie with Joan at work. Joan is gonna be so mad when she finds out where Annie went!

I'm surprised that they aren't making a big deal about Jay's death yet. It almost seems like they don't care. Like, they didn't even deal with it much in the season premiere. But maybe they just want to make the last two episodes of the season or however long this goes on until it breaks, about the case. Because I think that's gonna be huge.

So glad that Joan decided to support Arthur on his promotion. Thought that they were gonna have some marriage trouble again.

We meet Simon's handler in this episode, too. We don't know that until later on. Simon goes to his meeting and Annie follows him. Bad idea if you ask me. Because she almost falls off a hill watching them and got a cut and I think Simon put two and two together. But after that, we find out that she's still phoning into Lena about the case. So, maybe this is truly all about that case and she doesn't have feelings for him? Like I said, I don't know how she feels about Simon at all. I don't think she knows herself.

Ok, why did Annie look at Hector like she knew him? Had she seen pictures before she got the case Hector or what? He sure is creepy! Knowing that stuff about Annie. How in the world did he even know that? Because Annie never talks about her sister. 

Possibly getting to go home early with Simon from the trip? Not sure if this is a good idea?

Wow, the dinner scene with Arthur and Joan. First, it was running smoothly and then literally the next second, everything falls apart. Don't fully understand all that went down, but I don't think it was a good thing.

Hector going sightseeing with them? Not good. Annie's in trouble and at first I thought she was going to be. They arrive at this warehouse thing and I thought that Simon was going to kidnap her because he locked her up, but then he killed his handler (Hector) right in front of her protecting her! I'm not sure if Simon saw Annie looking at him while he killed Hector, but I think he did. Or at least Simon probably thought Annie was looking.

We find out his true feelings for Annie in this episode, too. Simon truly loves her. Annie however, still doesn't know who she likes. Personally, I think she likes Auggie, but doesn't want to admit it.

Nice job on Auggie's part even after Arthur told him not to talk to Jay's dad, he still went through with it. And he got something out of it, too! Jay's safehouse!

Annie doesn't like having to manipulate Simon now that she's gotten close enough to do it. I can't say that I blame her. She's in a tough spot.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

Here's the promo for the next episode (which, btw was amazing, what a shocker!):