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Covert Affairs "Suffragette City" Episode Review


Wow, such an intense episode! One of the best yet! I know that I said that about last week, but trust me, after you watch this episode, you know why. So amazing! The CIA continue to try and figure out who the leak is, which right now they think is Annie.

Episode picks up where the last weeks left off. Delivery guy bringing Annie something from Danielle and he's the one who finds Simon and Annie shot. Lena is making it look like Simon shot Annie. :( 

Annie is still alive (kind of figured that out because she's the star, she can't die). But she has to get surgery and stuff and not waking up. She's not out of the episode completely. The way we see her alive is in her dream state. First, we see her with Simon in the ambulance.

Auggie is Annie's emergency contact. You can tell he's taking it hard. Poor Auggie. :(

Anybody find that diner familiar that Annie is at with Simon in her dream state? I believe it's the one where Jai was at when he died. That's where she learns that she has to find Blackbird from Simon. Interesting how her dream state kind of goes along with the storyline of what's actually happening. Simon also tells her that she's in trouble and that she won't see him past this point. Probably telling her that he died. :( So sad he's gone. Was beginning to really like him.

Arthur holding a meeting and letting them know that Annie is the leak. Joan does not believe a word he says. At least, that's what I got from her expressions. Can't believe how Lena can be so calm about this after killing what, 3 people that we know of so far?

Auggie is gonna do everything he can to prove that Annie is not guilty! Who else went "aw..." at that moment when Auggie said that? I sure did! 

Auggie learns that Lena is getting a polygraph and kind of bribes the guy to let him in and listen to it. But that doesn't go to well. He overreacts to when Lena says that she believes Annie killed Jai and storms into the room and makes a scene. Ugh, I just feel so bad for him in this episode. But did anybody else find it strange that Lena first said she didn't know that Annie could kill Jai? I mean, she's the one who basically had the hit on him, if I understand it correctly, so why wouldn't she have an answer for that? Weird, right?

 Auggie was too late to get Annie's personnel affects. But the nurse (I really liked her, she was sweet) was nice and gave him a copy. Not sure why he wanted it, but there was some point to it, I'm sure.

Danielle was back in the show! Well, sort of. In Annie's dream state at least. But hey, she was back. I missed her. She was doing a polygraph on Annie. Don't really know why, but it's a dream, weird stuff can happen in dreams. But then she turned into Joan towards the end of the polygraph. Weird indeed. Now Auggie shows up in the car he gave her! He's driving, which means he can see in her dream! 

Guy who forged Annie's passport is now dead. And it just happened, too. Lena in the house with Auggie, but she doesn't hurt him. I thought that was a bit strange. But he knew someone was there and smelled her perfume!

Annie is getting a decommission! Don't like Arthur in this episode. He's too quick to think it's Annie that's the bad guy. 

Wow, ugh Auggie and Annie moment! This is great for Auggie/Annie fans. It was for me! Because I'm a huge fan of their "relationship". Now, keep in mind, this all happens in her dream state. Loved the whole dancing scene. And he kissed her! I love Auggie and Annie together and I forgot how much I did during this scene especially. They really need to get back to more Auggie and Annie time.

When Lena comes to the hospital, Auggie finds out it was her! But they need proof. They can't go by just her perfume that she wears. And there's one thing Auggie needs. He needs to see the file. But he doesn't have clearance and Arthur already denied him. He's willing to quit over not getting it. Loved that part, too! You can totally tell that he likes Annie in this episode. Loved it so much! :) Joan goes around the rules and gets him the file. He found something on the tape, too! Go Auggie! :)

Annie woke up! But just for a few minutes. That's a great sign!

In her dream state, she's in a mirror room with Lena! And she finds out that Lena is the bad guy and she tries to kill Annie in her dream state, but to find out that Lena is actually there in her room in the hospital trying to choke her and Annie wakes up to try and get her off! Joan comes in just in time. Awesome part! Auggie pulls the fire alarm to make it harder for Lena to escape.

Annie flatlines! But she wakes up right when the show ends! Wow, intense episode, right? Didn't you just love it? Let me know what you thought about it in the comments and here's the promo for next weeks another amazing episode which they say fans of the show should not miss!: