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Hawaii Five-0 "La O Na Makuahine (Mother's Day)" Season Premiere Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Well, it's that time again, for all the CBS shows to start back up! I thought that waiting until the end of the month was gonna be hard, but it actually came fast and before I knew it, it was premiering tonight. Boy, what a great way to start off the TV season for me. A high-action packed episode of Hawaii Five-0. It started off great! Let's see how the rest of the season goes. Hopefully just as great. Now to get to the episode.

Episode starts off from exactly where it left off. Now I for one am glad when they do those "previously on" to remind you what happened because I had forgotten some of the cliffhanger. The only thing I really remembered was Steve meeting his mom. I had bought season 2, just haven't had time to rewatch it before tonight. So, we see him going into his mom's house. Then we see Chin with his wife in his house waiting for an ambulance. And then Kono, thank goodness, gets rescued by Adam! Glad nothing happened to her. 

During the discussion with Steve and his mom, Doris, he seems mad at her. I mean, she was just protecting him. But I guess I could see why he was mad. Learned a lot about his mom. She was previously a spy! That's why Wo Fat is after her. She killed his dad. It was part of a mission. Shelborne is a code name the place she worked at gave her.

How did I know that Wo Fat was gonna break out? I knew something had to go wrong with that situation. But wow, what a way to break somebody out! Helicopter with a claw picked up the car Wo Fat was in and then got dumped in the ocean. But bad guys were able to bust out Wo Fat and we find out that Frank was the one who issued this whole thing! Frank is the guy who killed Chin's wife and almost killed Kono.

I felt so bad for Chin when his wife really did die. I was thinking that it would end happy with that, but I was wrong. Poor guy.

Ok, light hearted moment, though. With Doris and Danny in the car. That part was too funny!

We find out that the help that Steve referred to was Katherine! :) 

Wo Fat is wondering why Frank wants his help. Wo Fat finds out that Frank found some sustenance and needs his help to get to it. Frank bribes him to work for him because he somehow knows where Doris is staying at! Not good at all! 

I just feel so bad for Chin in this episode. But conversation between cousins, we find out that Chin called Adam to rescue Kono! How sweet of Chin to try and save both girls. 

Kamekona: Love him! He's too funny. Bringing food to Doris. Then Doris gets into telling stories about Steve! Steve's not gonna like this!

Gross what they found at the house that Frank and Wo Fat used to get those construction workers there. They killed them to get into the police station.

Rachel calling Danny. Not a good thing. Still trying to fight for his daughter. I hope he wins. Plus, after that phone call, a new nickname for Danny: Booboo! Danny, of course, does not like it at all. I for one, prefer Danno.

Frank wanted to get the meth that was in the police station. But man, they were too late to catch them! They do eventually catch up to them, though because there's a car accident on the freeway and they get stopped. So, Steve gets to catch up and at first I thought they were gonna get them without a problem, but a huge gun fight opens up on the freeway. Kono was awesome with that one bad guy she was after with the car! Nice eye for Chin with catching Frank leaving. He follows him and they get in a gun fight. I'm surprised about this, but Frank runs out of ammo, but Chin still kills him! Not sure if he could get in trouble for this. But after all that, they still lost Wo Fat. Don't know where they are, but one of the bad guys was still "alive" (for a little bit) and told them and Steve goes to the house. 

Now this whole scene was just a bit weird. Doris is in the room by herself while Katherine goes outside. Wo Fat somehow ends up in the house and goes to Doris. Katherine comes back in, hear's gun shots and goes up to Doris' room. She's fine, but Wo Fat got away. But if she's fine, what happened with the gun shots?

Cute Adam and Kono moment towards the end.

Chin breaks down when he goes back to his house.

Steve's mom is leaving again because Wo Fat is still out there. But after she took off in the airplane, Danny comes to tell him that the gun shots were found in the floor. So, either she's a bad shot, or she meant to not shoot Wo Fat and let him get away. I believe she lied. Just not sure why. Strange indeed.

Amazing way to start the season! Did you guys love the season premiere? Let me know what you think about it in the comments!

Here's the promo for next weeks episode: