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NCIS "Extreme Prejudice" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

So, this is the season premiere I've been most looking forward to because of what a big cliffhanger it left us with! It was great! The only thing I would have liked to have seen in the beginning, was like right after the explosion. Like how they all got out and everything. Because it kind of took us probably a couple hours after the explosion happened. It starts off on May 15th, 2012. We see almost everybody. Ducky in the hospital with Jimmy. People found Ducky on the beach. Probably some random people walking by. Thank goodness. Next we see, Abby, she's alive and Gibbs is, too. Director Vance is alive, but still don't see McGee (for those of you who didn't watched the commercial their Facebook page posted a week or so ago, you didn't see him in it and they wanted it that way) or Tony and Ziva.

But then they go to Tony and Ziva. The commercial really made it look like they were going to finally have an actual Tiva moment and I was looking forward to it, but nothing too major happened. Bummer. The only thing I was a little disappointed about it. Is that they didn't have something happen between them.

Then, we finally see McGee! Gibbs goes on a search for his team and that's who we first run into. At first, you think McGee is fine, but he's not. I thought he was acting strange. But then they look down and a piece of glass had gotten stuck in his stomach! But don't worry, we later find out that all he needed was stitches. 

How cute was it that Ducky wanted to go back to work because they needed his help? He was so not fit to go and Jimmy was trying to tell him that. Then Ducky finally told Jimmy to go by himself and he did not want to go at all and leave his friend! How sweet! Oh, on a side note: Jimmy (Brain Dietzen) is now in the opening credits! I think this is the first season he has been included. Maybe that's a good sign and he'll be in more! I hope so, I love his character. But Jimmy does end up coming back to Washington. Poor guy has to deal with a lot. Just getting married, his friend having a heart attack and his work being blown up.

Finally, Tony and Ziva get out of the elevator! Oh, Ziva's dad called her. Guess the explosion was all over their news. Kind of sweet that he wanted to make sure she was ok. And who's the first person they see right when the doors open? Abby! :) 

Aw, Gibbs thinks of his team as a family! How sweet was that?

Knew from the beginning that the lady coming up behind Dearing was going to be a trap. I thought it was a little odd. But Dearing is too smart and knew from the beginning too, that it was a trick and disappeared and blew up the FBI agents!

Abby is very mad about all that happened. Hey, it's understandable. Don't know how I'd react with something like that.

I'm guessing things are going bad between Ryan and Gibbs? Tony brought Ryan up and Gibbs just seemed not happy about that name being brought up. Weird, thought everything was fine between them.

Another trap they were trying to set. "Arrested" Dearing's ex-wife to try and get him to come in, but he knew that was a trick too. Man, makes you wonder how he figures all this stuff out! And they finally track his cell number and they think they have them, but the car blows up when the team gets there! They think that Dearing just killed himself, but Gibbs (and me) knew it was too easy.

Jimmy considers Ducky his best friend! Another sweet moment. Ok, I know I keep saying sweet a lot in here, but there's not really another word to describe it.

Now, it's July 10th, 2012. Still nothing else on the case with Dearing. But yay, Ducky is alive, just not able to go back to work quite yet! Gibbs, however, is bringing him in to have another set of eyes on the body to see if he can find anything. And he does. Find out that it was Dearing's brother, not him. Knew it wasn't that easy.

Also, Jimmy is trying to get McGee to call his dad. Since everybody else is turning to family, probably.

Gibbs is not letting the case rest. Going after Joanne Dearing, Dearing's sister-in-law. Trying to figure out stuff. Later we find out that she's involved! Well, sort of.

Dearing's house is kind of scary. All those bombs in there. I'm surprised they just walk in without a problem. I'd be afraid that it would be triggered to something to blow up.

Leon coming to Gibbs house. A little weird at first, but he wanted to tell Leon about a plan, I guess, that he formed. However, I agree with Leon, not a great plan. To go to Dearing's house where he grew up, alone. But Leon let's him because it's probably the only way to catch this jerk. You can totally tell that his team is not happy about Gibbs going by himself. I can't blame them. You can also tell they are worried.

I do wanna know how Dearing knew that it was Gibbs coming into his house? Gibbs didn't even say anything. And yet, he knew it was Gibbs. Expected a little more of a fight between them, but there wasn't too big of one. Dearing knew Gibbs would figure out to go there eventually. Dearing also goes to pull his gun and Gibbs has a knife (not sure what rule number it is, but he has one that says "Always carry a knife", guess that's a good thing in this situation) and Gibbs stabs Dearing and dies! So, finally, they can get back to their normal lives and the next scene, it's the day of the season premiere, September 25th, 2012. Gibbs outside either getting coffee or going to work, seeing Abby, Tony, etc., his whole team. That scene was cool.

Did you love or hate the season premiere of the best show on TV? Let me know in the comments!

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