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NCIS: LA "Endgame" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, this episode was awesome! Did not expect it to all play out like it did! Just amazing with the twist they throw you at the end. Not a big twist, but wasn't expecting it.

So, Sam being the good friend that he is, goes to pick up Callen from jail. But Callen is acting strange. He gets mad at Sam. Also, we find out some bad guys are following Callen and he doesn't seem to care. Also, Callen is out of jail. Not sure how, but he is. Oh right, his case is under investigation.

I feel like I need to rewatch the season finale because I don't remember who Calvin was. Can someone fill me in? Whoever he is, guess he's important to their investigation because they are getting him to talk! There's a file that needs to be gotten from NCIS before the bad guys get to it.

Remember, Hetty resigned. Probably the saddest news ever. The acting director goes to Hetty to warn her that she may be in danger. But I am a bit confused, in danger of what? We do find out that Hetty owns a boat! Somebody is also watching Hetty. Taking pictures of her. Not sure who it is.

But we find out who the bad guys are that have been following Callen. They are there because Callen killing that guy in the season finale. They want Callen to work for him! Sam, is watching Callen and Hetty, too.

Hetty meeting Callen in a bar. People from Hetty's past, I'm assuming, met up with her and follow her there. Trying to intimidate her, I guess. Callen doesn't like it and goes to work for them! Still not understanding what is going on. But don't worry, it all gets explained. But one thing is certain, he's doing it to protect Hetty which is really sweet.

Now we find out that this whole thing with Callen working for the bad guys, was all just a plan! Wow, did not see that coming at all.

Deeks and Kensi part was too funny! Them going into the bank. Deeks pretending to be the guy that they have arrested, Kensi trying to get into a bank account. But she's the distraction! Deeks gets in and is able to get the stuff.

Major shoot out with Kensi and Deeks at the bank in the parking garage with the bad guys. Deeks loses the case. Not good. Sam finally came to help them out because they needed it!

Eric has to hack the NSA.

Oh no, they realize that the bad guys know that Callen isn't telling the truth. So, they kidnap him and beat him up until he finally starts telling them the truth! :( They still don't believe him. And so they threaten to kill Hetty! 

Ok, you know the guy that Callen shot last season finale? Well, we find out it was just a whole set up that he didn't actually die! So, they are trading him for Callen. Did not see this whole plan coming at all!

Hetty is back and that was apart of the plan as well. Her and the acting director discuss about it and give us a walk through. Trying to figure out how to tell Director Vance what happened. So yep, this was the twist. All of this was a plan and Callen wasn't actually in trouble, Hetty didn't resign and bad guy wasn't actually shot. Cool, huh? 

Did you like this episode or hate it? Let me know in the comments!

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