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White Collar "Ancient History" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

FBI investigates burglaries.

Man, at first when the episode opens up, I'm thinking "Why is Neal with a group of thieves?". Then we find out that he was just the inside man and wasn't actually supposed to get arrested, but for some reason the new police officer did. While Neal is in the police car, Alex somehow left him a flower. Which is their code. Also loved the fact that Neal handed the cop guy the handcuffs because he had escaped them! Nice! :)

So, we find out that Alex was in jail, but then got out. However, during that whole conversation with Peter asking Neal if he knew how to contact her and stuff, Neal didn't say a word about the flower. Strange? I wonder what he's reason was to keep that from Peter.

Totally forgot that the treasure that Neal and Mozzie found was Alex's treasure first. Now I understand why Mozzie is afraid to see Alex. Poor guy.

Neal got mail from Ellen. A beta tape. That he wants to watch with Sam and not Peter or Mozzie and Mozzie is hurt by this fact and goes to Peter to tell him about it! Peter thinks that Mozzie is just jealous. But I don't think Peter agrees with Neal watching it with Sam and not either of them seeing it first. I think it's a bad plan, too.

When Mozzie goes to tell Peter about the tape, he looks into a file that he thinks belongs to Sam (but is really the file on Alex) and somehow ends up at the same hotel where they are having the meeting with Alex! This scene was just too funny. Peter goes into the hotel room to try and get Mozzie out of there and ends up investigating Alex to see if she's involved with the burglaries, but they don't get out in time and are almost caught and have to hide out in the bathroom! Peter texting Neal and Neal going up there to see them was just too funny, too! They eventually get out without being seen, though. So, that's all that matters. One of my favorite scenes in the whole episode, though. Just too funny!

However, because of that whole situation with the hotel room fiasco, Neal is now mad at Peter. 

But it still works out because Neal still gets to rob some place with Alex. Don't worry though, Peter knows, he's watching the whole thing happen.

Don't understand why the cops showed up. If I remember correctly, Peter was supposed to let them know the next time something went down. So now he has to bail Neal out of jail.

Neal thinks Alex set him up and I think that's what happened. Because that's why all the stuff went into one place and she was able to get it.

Another funny part, Peter checking Neal's horoscope through the car.

Thought Alex was gone, but she ended up at Neal's place.

Neal decided to watch the tape with Mozzie and Peter after all. I think that was the wisest decision for him. But that's where it cuts off, so we have no clue what's on the tape yet. Kind of figured that's where it was gonna cut off. Just to make you want to watch next weeks. :) Hopefully we find out then what's on it.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

Here's the promo for next weeks episode: