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White Collar "Comprising Positions" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

That's strange, I can't find any promo pics for this episode. Oh well. Sorry for the late blog on this too. Been really busy. Well, better late then never! :)

This was a really interesting episode. Peter is having a trial and the guy doing the trial with him, kind of throws the trial and they investigate into it and figure out what happened. And...we meet Sam!

Interesting way we meet Sam for the first time. Almost thought that someone was either watching Neal or they were going to kidnap him because all you see is a black car following him and then stop. That's when we find out that the driver is just Sam. However, not fully sure if I can trust him or not. But we don't know enough about him, yet. Sam thinks that there's a leak in the FBI, possibly Peter? I think not. But I guess if they wanted a twist, they could do that.

Peter is going to testify. That whole thing falls apart quickly. The practice trial goes fine, but for some reason Josh turns everything around and throws the trial. Turns out he was threatened to throw it, but decided against, but still got nervous and it happened anyways.

The person they are after, their like assistant or whatever (been a couple weeks since I saw this episode, so can't fully remember what happened) just shows up to the FBI knowing what they wanted? Strange, right?

Neal gets to go undercover in this episode! I think Neal likes doing that stuff. I could totally tell that Sarah was describing Neal to whoever she was talking to.

Wow, Shepard was following Mozzie! Neal just messed up the case all because he doesn't want Peter to know about what he's doing with Sam and stuff. Good going Neal.

Poor Mozzie. He thinks he's turning soft.

Gonna play Shepards tricks against her. Now this scene I do remember quite well actually because it was too funny! First, they have to tell Peter's wife, Elizabeth, about the plan involving Peter and Sarah and then they have to go through with it and Elizabeth insists that she's there! Which just makes it all the more awakard, but too funny.

Close call on Neal visiting the bad guy. Almost got caught by Shepard under a different name. 

I also think that Neal loved the idea of going on the stand in the trial. But it wasn't quite like he thought it was going to be. Glad that whole thing worked out, though. Didn't think it was going to. Peter got there in time and the stuff did what it was supposed to do. Thank goodness! 

So now, Peter knows about Sam because he followed Neal at the end. Peter does not like it at all that Neal didn't include him. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

Here's the promo for the next episode, which already aired: