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White Collar "Gloves Off" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, sorry it took me so long to write these reviews! But I'll try and get caught up tonight!

At first, I didn't think this episode was gonna be interesting, but it was actually pretty good!

Episode starts where last episode left off. Them getting ready to watch the tape. It's of Ellen, when she was really young, telling Neil about the stuff that happened. We learn there's an under cover cop that knows the truth. Peter and Neil set up a deal to work together and we all know that wasn't going to last long. Neil decides to meet Sam.

Neil is getting to go under cover in the new case. It's insider trading.

Neil is seeing Sam without Peter knowing. Big surprise there. See, I told you their deal wasn't gonna last long. But what was weird, is that Elizabeth just all of the sudden showed up at Neil's place. Not sure why she even did that. Was it because of Peter or did she really go there just to check up on him? Well, whatever the reason was, she ended up "spying" on him, anyways and Peter finds out that Sam was there.

Ok, the whole Neil "blowing their cover" twice was just hilarious! I love Peter's reactions. They were too funny! But I think in a way, Neil doing that kind of helped the case. So nice move there Neil.

Peter trying to get Neil to tell him the truth. Also, too funny! I love the funny lines in this show. Whoever writes the script is great with comedy! And also, the actors themselves help, too!

Peter looking into Sam's file. But gives him nothing. Peter is now visiting Sam Not good. Sam gets mad.

Mozzie is the human lie detector! :) Who else loves Mozzie?

Another hilarious scene. The training scene. Trying to stage the fight so that Peter wins. 

Neil finds out that Peter visited Sam. Now someone else is after Sam. Not good. Now Neil is mad at Peter and is going to do something bad and he's not going to fix the fight to have Peter win. He's taking out all his frustration out on Peter during the fight. But thank goodness. Peter still wins and they catch the bad guy, yay!

Peter and Neil fighting. :( How sad was that? Somebody broke into Sam's house and now he's gone! :( So said to hear the words Neil spoke "We are done!". :(

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!