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White Collar "Vested Interest" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Funny moment with the coffee pot at the beginning with Peter. Not working, so Peter decides to finally fix it. The music was hilarious during this scene! Totally matched the scene. Neal is still mad at Peter. Refuses the coffee from Peter. 

So, Peter and Neal going to an FBI conference and they are the ones getting asked the questions. But about why they make such a great team. Which this is bad timing for that because Neal is very mad at Peter. But Peter convinces Neal to con them instead.

The conference, however, goes bad. Neal trying to make himself look good and make Peter look bad. Peter is not happy about that at all.

Sam is at Neal's place! That was a shock, seeing as I thought he had disappeared already. They are forming a plan to catch the leak in the FBI.

Bad guy trying to break into the FBI conference. How stupid is that? A room full of FBI agents and you are gonna try to pull something on them?

We find out that Mozzie has safe houses. #3 is called "Friday" and it is Mozzies favorite. That's where the trap is gonna be set for Sam and the FBI agent/leak.

Oh, we also learn that Mozzie has a pet rat! That they use to try and distract Peter so Neal can get the papers he needs signed from Peter, signed. And it works! That part was too funny.

Think they found the guy that is the impostor FBI agent.

Found out why Peter decided to take Neal up on his offer when Peter first caught him. After all those years trying to catch him, Peter figured out that he liked him. That's why Peter took Neal up on his offer! Even after finding all that out, Neal still lies about where Sam is.

Some interesting news we find out about Sam. Sam isn't Sam. But who is he? We do find out in a few minutes and I'll leave that for the end. Peter decides to tell Neal! Good. Glad that he's being honest with Neal.

Neal thinks that Sam faked his own death and we found out that Neal has also done that! Neal doesn't think Sam is bad, but Peter does.

Uh oh, they know that Neal got Peter to sign the documents. Now Peter is mad and knows the plan.

Wow, I didn't know how this whole case was gonna turn out. First, we think the bad guy is planting a bomb. Turns out to be a trick. He's in fact after the really nice bullet proof vest. That whole scene in the parking garage was kind of cool with Neal making it look like there was more then just Peter with a gun. And wow, at first thought that Neal actually got shot! But thank goodness, he was wearing the vest and it really works!

Fake Sam left the house. But he went to the safe house by himself and got caught. Now Neal has to rescue him. Peter is there, though. So, that's good that Neal brought back up. Don't worry, they got everybody out alive.

So, they are trying the conference thing with Peter and Neal being questioned about how their partnership works so well. Peter is asked about the trust between. Not sure how he as gonna answer it, since trust is a hard thing for them, but love how he ended up answering!

Now, for the huge news (cliffhanger, too)! We finally find out the true identity of Sam. But before getting to that, I have to admit that after watching last weeks promo, that I had the right answer. Well, no more delay, the identity of Sam is: Neal's Dad!!!!! Not sure how this will effect Neal. But wow, that was really cool!