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Castle "Murder He Wrote" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Kate and Castle go on a romantic weekend to the Hamptons and it doesn't turn out quite as planned. 

This has got to be one of my favorite episodes so far! I just loved it! So many Kate and Castle moments. Gotta love it!

So, like I said above, Kate and Castle go on a romantic weekend to the Hamptons, but it doesn't turn out quite as planned. They arrive at Castle's house (which is amazing, btw) and Kate I think is like in aw of it, too. So, he gives her a tour of the house and then she starts thinking on how many other girls he's done this tour for. :( 

But before they left, Ryan and Esposito knew Kate was going away with someone and now they are doing their own investigation into finding out who Kate is with! Uh oh.

So, while Kate and Castle are having their romantic weekend, they stumble onto a murder! Because the guy that dies walks into Castle's backyard and dies there! The cop guy that was in charge was such a jerk to Kate, though. Because she doesn't want anybody to know that she was at Castle's house. That leads the cop guy to all sort of speculations on why Kate's there and none of them are nice.

Now, Castle just has to figure out the case. He can't let it go. Even though Kate has tried to stop him from going after the case, it just doesn't work. Since Castle is working the case now, he has to call Ryan and Esposito for help. So, naturally they ask Castle who he thinks is Kate's boyfriend! Castle now knows and he just goes along with it! They will help Castle with the case just as long as they get to borrow Castle's car. :)

They find a suspect and go and ask her, but Kate wants Castle to bring it up nicely. However, that doesn't happen and they don't know that she knows the cops and that they are there at the place, too (it was like a bar)! So, now they are under arrest for interfering with the case! Kate is really mad now.

But because they get arrested, he looks them up and finds out that Kate is actually a cop and so that gets them released from jail and now they can help with the case! 

Another suspect, but this time, it didn't turn out well, either. Castle has been trying to get to talk to this guy for a while because they have a mutual friend, but again, the conversation doesn't go as nicely has it should have and then the guy leaves!

Strange warehouse buildings that this guy owned. Come to find out, they were housing met labs! Explains a lot with his money situation. 

Now Kate and Castle switch. Castle is settled on the case and Kate thinks there's more to it then meets the eye. 

Ryan interviewing the same guy that Kate and Castle interviewed. But this time, Ryan finds out that Kate and Castle are dating! What's he gonna do about it?

It turned out to be the deputy, not the chief, like I was thinking! Also, Ryan wants to keep it a secret, the whole Kate and Castle thing and doesn't tell Esposito about it and tries to get him off trying to figure out who it is. Glad he decided not to tell. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: