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Castle "Secret's Safe With Me" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Sometimes the beginnings of Castle episodes can be strange. Take this one for instance. All we see is a girl dying and writing out something in blood. Odd, yes? But at least they weren't quite like they were in the first season.

What a sad part with Alexis. Packing and moving into college. I'm hoping this doesn't mean she's off the show. I really love her character. At first, we think that Alexis is upset with Castle and Kate getting together, like Alexis is jealous, but then we later find out that she was just having a problem moving out and not being able to count on her dad if she had a problem. Sure she's only like what, 25 minutes away or longer, can't remember, but still, it won't be the same. I'm sure she'll be over at his house a lot! At least I hope so!

I still am having fun with the Castle and Kate's relationship. Especially in this episode. Castle is not good at playing it cool and not having people notice. Kate's not the best either, but she's better at it then Castle is, that's for sure. No one is allowed to touch Kate's phone, but Castle does anyways and he gets in big trouble! Castle almost spills the beans to Ryan! Almost telling him why he's allowed to answer her phone. Come to find out that Kate is still not happy with him answering her phone.

What a weird case. But then again, are there ever normal cases? Anyways, find out that the girl that died was trying to buy a storage unit. I think Castle had fun at this point. Him going into a bidding war with everybody trying to win the storage unit the girl was trying to. Only to find out that there was nothing but junk in it. Which is strange, then. Why was she murdered? First, I thought the bad guy that was bidding hire and hire with Castle was the bad guy, later we find out he wasn't. This case takes a lot of twist and turns. Find out that the girl that died also had a twin brother who died and they were both connected! Wow, right? Who else thought during the episode that the doll that Castle gave to the Captain (putting them on good terms for a little bit, anyways) was the clue the whole time? It was nice seeing the Captain actually liking Castle for a change, but you knew that the doll had to be apart of it some how. LOL at the Captain for now being a fan of Castle's and buying all of his books!

It was! But while trying to figure out what was in the doll, Castle breaks the wrong one which puts him in bad standing with the Captain again! There was something in the doll, though. Weird, I didn't make a note of what was in the doll, but it somehow put all the puzzles into place on the case. Castle loved saying "The butler did it!". :)

Found out why the doll that Kate keeps in her desk is so important to her. Her and her dad made it out of stuff on the beach after her moms funeral. 

Castle's mom staying at his house now that Alexis is gone. I think they both miss her, just don't want to say it out loud. I didn't even think that she was thinking on moving out, did you guys?

Did you guys love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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