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Covert Affairs "Wishful Beginnings" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

CIA works with Mossad to find a missing asset of their's and Eyal's back!

Annie is finally back in Washington, but is going to some weird place. An Agency Safe Building! To get debriefed and stuff for a week or so. But then the guy that was talking to her, got a call and she was sent home after just 2 hours! Why? Well, we don't really know, actually.

Got a huge warm welcome from Auggie, but still doesn't want to tell her his feelings about her yet. Bummer. Guess they want to keep that apart of the story line as long as possible. I know that's one of the reasons why I watch every episode. To find out if they get closer to saying they like each other.

Why did the agency like go in orange mood when Mossad comes? I didn't understand that part, but Eyal is back! I don't know why. Annie and Eyal are both surprised to see each other back there. We find out that the Mossad wants the CIA's help in tracking down their asset that went missing while on assignment. They are working with Mossad, but are doing a trade on info.

Joan puts Annie in a tough spot. Joan wants Annie to lie to Eyal whenever she finds the evidence and just take it for herself and stuff! I don't think Annie could ever do that. Especially to Eyal. Not sure if she has feelings for him or he has feelings for her, but I think they do a little bit.

Well, they find the missing asset and Eyal is being rude to her! I have no clue why. But then she dies! Not good. Found out that the guy that came up to Corina on the plane poisoned her and she didn't even notice it! :(

Eyal is acting very suspicious in this episode. So, that's why I'm not sure how he feels about Annie. He stands up to her against his other agent for being rude to her! But later on, we find out that the agent wants Eyal to get close to Annie. You can tell by the end of the episode, that Eyal does not enjoy what he is having to do. I'm not even sure why they are wanting him to become close to Annie, so that's just odd. But maybe we will find out later on.

Annie is just being Annie in this episode. Determined as ever to get to the bottom of this case, even though, they don't have a go at it anymore. That's just Annie for ya.

How they figured out the forrest issue, I have no clue. But she arrives at this forrest place to dig up a box and Eyal arrives there, too! Has a tracker on her or followed her or something. They find a key! To a bank safety deposit box! Annie goes in posing as the girl. Nobody thinks it's safe because the guy could be after Annie now if she poses as the girl. Annie gets in, but it wasn't easy. Almost didn't make it through the signature process, but it worked. The watch is inside and she took it! But then the trouble happens. Bad guy comes and he thinks he takes the watch, but Annie is smarter then that. A big chase scene happens and then the bad guy gets away. Of course. But like I said, Annie is smart and switched her watches out for the one that they were supposed to get! Goes against Joan's orders and shows Eyal the watch anyways and let's him know they have it! Joan won't be happy if she finds out about this.

What's going on with Joan and Seth? I think perhaps they like each other. Especially after that weird restaurant scene. But then at the end, we find them in some sort of meeting. Not sure if she's leading it or apart of it and if that's what Arthur saw them coming out of together or what. But that whole situation is odd and hopefully they will tell us more about it soon!

First time for Annie to come home after the shooting and she doesn't do well. She decides to stay in a hotel and then Eyal at the end offers his Washington place while he's away! Poor Auggie, I think he went to tell Annie his feelings, but he had no idea that she wasn't home at her house and so he never got to tell her anything! I felt bad for him at the end of the episode.

But you can tell that Eyal does not enjoy whatever his mission is with Annie because he did not tell that other lady where Annie was really staying at. So for now, we can trust Eyal.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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