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Girl Vs. Monster Movie Review (DCOM)

Girl Vs. Monster is Disney's latest made for TV movie, referred to as DCOMs. I'm always a little nervous going into watching these type of movies. I love Disney, but some of the stuff they show can be pretty lame, but I was very impressed with this movie and loved it from the beginning to the end!

It's a movie about a girl named: Skylar played by Olivia Holt, which I believe she's a newcomer to Disney. I haven't seen her in anything and I thought she did a pretty good job! The movie is about Skylar who learns she's a fifth generation monster hunter. 

I thought that the moral of the story was good. Facing your fear. It was cute and well played out, I thought, anyways. 

More action then I thought it was going to be for a DCOM. Which was nice for a change. It didn't really feel like a DCOM when I was watching it and I like it when that happens.

If you love monster hunter stuff and family fun movies, then this is the movie for you! :) Also, watch after the credits because I think there's possibly a hint at the end for a sequel. Not sure, though if that's what it meant or not.

Here's the promo for it: