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Hawaii Five-0 Kanalua (Doubt) Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Episode info: Steve turns to Katherine for help and a heist turns deadly and the team turn to August March for help.

Hawaiian funerals are actually really pretty. Now isn't this the second time we've seen a funeral for somebody on the show? I can't remember who it was for the first one, but I do remember seeing a funeral for somebody else on the show. This time it was for Chin's wife. The whole Five-0 team was there.

Gallery robbery in pursuit as the funeral is taking place. I know it's the bad guys that got away, but I thought it was pretty cool how they got away. Blended in with all the taxis. 

Now Steve is searching for his mom and asking Katherine to help. I actually kind of like the fact that she's in the show a little more. Hoping we see her more. I like her and Steve together.

Now the Five-0 team gets called in to help with the heist that's going down. I guess the bad guy somehow got shot? Don't really know how, but he's requesting a doctor and Kono goes in as the doctor. But more for a distraction. That part was interesting. The Five-0 team go in, but only to find out that the guy just bleeds to death and which is good and bad. Good because the hostages got away, but bad because he died before they could get anything out of him.

Was it just me or did the gallery owner seem a little suspicious? Anybody else get that feeling or was it just me?

I just love it when Steve and Danny have their banters between each other. Especially the one in the car. I can't even remember what they were arguing about, but it was too funny! 

I'm glad Max is alright. I love his character! :)

Found the get away car. But it was burned. Weird, right?

Chin is having a harder time then he's letting everybody believe. He's back at work now and I don't think he was supposed to be, but Steve let's him back anyways. But I just think what he told Kono was wrong.

Ok, who was August March? I do not remember him at all. But he's back in this episode and "helping" the Five-0 team with the weird heist because they learned that what the group stole wasn't worth much at all. Which is odd. So, they go to August asking him what he thinks is going on. This guy does not seem pleasant to work with.

Now it's all making sense, the heist. Tyler Macanamara, guy that died in the car. His daughter was kidnapped! :( He was just trying to do what he was told to get her back.

I don't quite reconize Katherine yet, so at first I wasn't sure if it was her that was in the bar talking to this stranger and playing pool until later when she came and told Steve what she found out. She did that all for Steve to find out where his mom is and what a surprising twist: she's still on the island! She never left! She had the plane turn around and bring her back. Very odd. I wonder what really is going on.

Then August going into the bad guys wondering if he turned on the Five-0 team, but it was all just a plan to get the location out of them. It's a warehouse, but the girl already got moved. And what else was weird is that the art got left behind! Also, the gallery owner forgot to mention some stuff that was stolen, if I understood that part right. The pieces were original and priceless! Now this is really making more sense. Why would criminals steal something that was like worthless basically?

Not sure if what August is saying is true. I don't know if he was in on it or was just really helping the team. But he does know where the kidnapped girl is. Before they could get stuff out of him, he kills himself! Not sure why. It was strange how that all happened. Don't worry, they finally find her and she's still alive.

Who else loves Kamekona? I love it when he's on the show. He's trying to learn how to fly a helicopter! 

Knew it that Chin was having a harder time then he was letting everybody believe. Learned how he and his wife met. It was really sweet. Danny went over to talk to him. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

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