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Hawaii Five-0 "Lana I Ka Moana (Adrift)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I knew this episode was gonna be awesome the minute I saw the promo for it last week and I was right! Another high action adventure episode mostly featuring Steve and Danny. So, that means a lot of Steve and Danny banter, which I love! Those parts are always too funny!

Steve and Danny go fishing for Danny to catch his very first fish, but the fishing trip goes bad really fast. Danny does however get to catch his first fish and it's huge! They see a guy stranded and being the good guys they are, they go over to him to help him out. But that's when it goes bad. The guy takes their boat and makes them jump ship! Shooting the dingy and the dingy also has no gas. So, now they are stranded in the middle of the ocean with a sinking dingy!

Steve tries to fix the boat, but it doesn't do much good. They need to get out of the water and fast. Danny as always, is complaining about the situation. Steve is gonna swim them to shore! Wow, he must be strong! But that goes bad fast, too. A shark comes! Now that gets Danny talking about the shark stuff. They get out of that situation just fine, though. Katherine better figure out that there's something going on with Steve because she's tried calling him, but he won't answer.

Now we find out why Danny hates the ocean. He had gone on a family vacation once and him and his friend went swimming and they got caught in the ocean. Danny first did and his friend went to try and save him, but his friend ended up not making it out. :( Poor guy. I could understand him hating the ocean and being afraid of it after that.

Katherine is starting to get really worried now. Steve and Danny have now been missing for 3 hours. They try to track down the boat that they took and find that it's located not where it's supposed to be and they find that odd and they go searching it out. Who else loves the fact that Katherine is on more? I forgot how much I love her character.

Ok, remember the guy that stole Steve and Danny's boat? Well, turns out he was fleeing a crime scene and Steve and Danny find the crime scene! Which issues more banter between the two on the new boat. That boat isn't working, so therefore, they are still stranded.

Back on land, we find out that the bad guy is named Gil. 

So, Steve and Danny are at the crime scene in the middle of the ocean, right? Well, this boat comes up and at first, I was thinking it was gonna be pirates, but it was just the coastguard coming to arrest them! They don't have their badges, so they can't confirm that they are cops. Guess they heard about the crime scene and that's why they came. But they got it all cleared up, so they aren't getting arrested. Thank goodness.

Well, Steve and Danny do eventually get back to land and Danny could not be happier about that! So, they get to working on this weird case right away. The dead guy's wife saying that Gil made a move on her. But there's way more to the story then that! Trying to catch Gil. Thinking that he will go back to his old routine seeing as he didn't know Steve and Danny survived and that they were cops. They do catch him, but Chin almost died! In the struggle on the roof with Gil, Chin gets knocked over the side! Kono comes back, though and catches the bad guy, Gil and gets Chin. Phew. Find out that Chin is still having a hard time with his wife's death. I think he needs to actually talk to someone.

Gil is not telling the truth. Totally can see there's more to the story here. But then we find out that there was more going on between Gil and the dead guy's wife then what she said there was. She's the one who killed her husband! Wow, right? Wasn't expecting her! But before they could get to her, the dead guy's sister shoots his wife! So, now they end up arresting the sister and not the wife because she's dead! 

Kamekona is back again! Just love his character! Cooking the fish that Danny caught and he's billing Danny! Even though he wasn't cooking the fish. It was just sushi. The end scene was too funny!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

Here's the promo for next weeks episode: