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NCIS: LA "The Fifth Man" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Knew something was off right from the beginning with the whole restaurant scene. Four guy's meeting there for some strange reason. They didn't know each other and they were all so different from each other, too. Next thing you know, the whole place is empty, which is also odd and I knew before it even happened what was gonna happen. The building blew up with just the four guys in there! Later we find out that there was supposed to be a fifth man (duh, that's what the episode is called! - saying this sarcastically) there! Really odd, right?

LOL at the whole Deeks excuse thing. Callen and Sam didn't believe Kensi one bit when she told them why Deeks was late because they supposedly made up the excuse book or whatever they called it. Deeks ended up going to Vegas the night before and that's why he was late.

Another odd thing about the restaurant I forgot to mention. It was actually closed down for quite sometime, but for some reason somebody opened it up just for the meeting! This whole case was like this. Just odd. Then we find out that the four guys were actually players in some type of game that the government set up to try and detect threats against USA. 

Now Deeks is inviting Kensi to Vegas because Deeks doesn't believe Kensi could keep up with him. I, however, do believe that she could keep up with him just fine in Vegas. I almost think that Deeks would have the problem, but wouldn't want to admit it. :)

I kind of figured that the girl running out of the building that Deeks and Kensi were headed to had to have something with the case. Why else would they talk about her? Her name is Astrid and Kensi feels responsible for her or like she could help or something to that effect.

They just can't seem to get any of the people they need to get in this episode! First, they lose Astrid, next they lose George who was being chased by somebody else. What is going on, right? Trying to track down his cellphone, but Astrid ends up having it! Why? Because Hoffman thinks that he is related to Astrid (meaning her dad)! Kensi got the girl to chat, but just for a little bit. Found out that the guy is at some casino thing.

Remember those older ladies commenting on the group when they kind of bumped into them at the casino? Well, those were their real mom's in real life! I thought that was cool that they added that in there.

Something interesting we find out about Kensi. She ran away from home! That's why she felt a connection between her and Astrid. Deeks is worried about her (meaning Kensi). :)

Didn't understand why Hetty was asking Nell for help, but she wanted Nell to play the game to figure out what's wrong! She does and she ends up finding that the whole game doesn't work. You can't get past a certain level!

Ok, remember the guy that was in charge of the whole gaming system? Well, he ended up being the bad guy! Astrid almost shoots him, but Kensi talked her out of it.

Then we see Kensi playing a game with Astrid and just talking. Astrid is very smart. She even asked Kensi if she loved Deeks! Kensi, however, didn't answer the question at all. Hetty was also there, just not sure why. Maybe they want her help? 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!