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NCIS: LA "Recruit" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

What a great episode! Great action and a bunch of funny scenes. My favorites with Deeks and Kensi! Great episode for this second episode of the new season!

Some army people are tracking some bad guys in Afghanistan and one of them gets away and they aren't really sure why. But then they find out that an American was in the building that blew up and they try to figure out why he was there.

Forgot that Callen had a sister. Was reminded of that in this episode when at the beginning of the episode, you see Callen visit her gravesite and Hetty comes to get him. Then we learn from her that she never wants any of that attention when she dies. No funeral or nothing like that at all.

So many funny moments in this episode! First, Kensi with the training dummy and trying to ignore Deeks talking about his trip. Oh and nobody wanted to pay attention to him! My favorite funny moments are always between Deeks and Kensi. But there was a funny moment between Callen and Sam that was pretty funny. Callen getting some lunch and not knowing what type of fish he was eating and Sam couldn't believe that he was eating it not knowing what it was! However, Deeks was all into that and he somehow knows his fish tastes and guessed it! Not sure if he was being serious about that or not because hey, it's Deeks. Sometimes you don't know if he's joking or not. Speaking of Deeks, I just wish he would become an NCIS agent! Remember back in season 2, I think it was, that Hetty offered him a spot? Weird that they never got back to that. Poor Deeks was ignored throughout the whole episode everytime he was talking about his trip until the very end when they are flying home. Sam was all into it and Kensi and them switched seats so Sam and Deeks could talk! More funny moments, too. Forgot about them. Sam with the chair was hilarious!

What a weird case they were working on, right? Didn't know why the kid, David, was even in Afghanistan and this episode took so many twist and turns it was hard to keep up! Of course, the parents are a little in denial about their son dying if they don't know for sure that it was him, but he's missing. Where else would he have gone? Eric and Nell finally track his route down and he did indeed end up in Afghanistan, just not sure why. They later find out that the place he was officially working at (he gave a different work story to everybody he knew, which was weird) was a front of some kind. To steal money or something and they learned that they were actually stealing people and sending them to this odd place. First, they thought that David was bad, but he ended up being good, I believe if I understood it right.

Knew the place David worked at was a front right away. Very odd that it had no workers and the one worker they did have shot at cops! Not a smart thing to do there.

Could we possibly have finally had an Eric and Nell moment????!!!!???? I know some fans do not like Nell, but I'm not one of them and I think her and Eric would make a very cute couple. He was worried for her when they were in the weird work place where David worked at. I would have been wondering where she had gone, too. He was even ready to call for help because she wasn't coming! How sweet was that? Almost thought they were gonna kiss when they leaned into each other! 

Callen and Sam have to go to Dubi because that's where they believe everybody is going and is going to die. Because they found out that the place that David worked at, hired 6 more people who are not yet missing, but will be soon. At first, Hetty is not willing to let them go, but she finally agrees. Love how they try and get into the place. Don't worry, they get one of the guys. Callen goes in as him and I think they know something is wrong with him. Loved how Deeks just all of the sudden showed up. Didn't know all of them were going down there! Just thought Sam and Callen were. Callen gets to go to the weird place where the guys are going. Does not look friendly at all. Kensi is a decoy! Nice, right? Loved that part! I'm sure Deeks loved running the gate down with the car! Seems like something he'd even volunteer to do. They got everybody out, so that was great! Loved this episode.

LOL moment at the end with Hetty. Went into the computer room and she somehow had cameras on the team on the plane coming home! And hopefully Sam never finds out that Deeks was sleeping on him! I don't think Sam would take that well.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

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