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NCIS "Phoenix" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Who else loved seeing Ducky being apart of the actual investigation team? I thought that was really cool! He seemed to really enjoy it, too.

Ok, so he became the lead investigator on the case because of Rule #38. Ducky was acting strange in the beginning. Digging up an old body and we don't know why yet. Later, we find out that something didn't settle right with him with the case and here's a twist in the plot: the current case and this case were related! 

McGee wants to get something that records your whole life as it happens. It's something you wear. Guess he's been chosen to test it out. The rest of the team think that's a little odd, but it's McGee and he loves that stuff!

Before Ducky becomes apart of the case, he does get in trouble for digging up the body without getting anything from the director saying he could do so or anything. Uh oh. Poor Ducky. Wants so bad to get back to work, but hasn't gotten the ok, yet.

I am always not used to Rule #38 and not seeing Gibbs in charge. Neither is the team. They felt weird taking orders from Ducky. He was really good at his job, too! You don't see much of Gibbs in this episode. But there was something strange that I thought happened at one point. Remember that one time Ducky was in the office part and Gibbs just randomly had that baseball bat? Did that tie into the case or what? They never mentioned it and I thought that was just odd.

Jimmy is just as funny as always in this episode. I know I keep saying this, but I just love his character! Next to Tony, Jimmy's my next favorite. Now Jimmy is afraid of Ziva because they were teasing him. Poor guy.

LOL at Abby with the Hawaiian flowers trying to brighten Gibbs' mood! She's right, he hasn't been his old self ever since the bombing.

I just love the relationship between Jimmy and Ducky. It seems to have really grown this past season. Too cute that Jimmy is all happy that Ducky is back!

Abby's radiation alarm goes off and not sure why. Weird, right?

Man, McGee is a great shot! We see that in tonight's episode at the shooting range trying to get one of the suspects to talk and it works! McGee shot his test dummy all in the head! Nice!

Oh, remember the Caf-Pow lid coming off? Well, Pauly Purette Tweeted that night that it wasn't actually supposed to come off and that they just went with it! Knew it! Just because they all acted odd when it went off. Gibbs thought fast, though.

Jimmy coming to Gibbs' house. Not sure if he's ever been there. He's there to talk about Ducky and he was there, too! Oops.

Ducky is a great interviewer, too! I think it helps that he knows how to profile a person. Tony was super excited to see how it went down.

Remember the funny scientist? Well, he turned out to be the bad guy! Wasn't expecting him!

Guess what? After all that, Ducky is now officially back! But was it just me or did he seem unsure of himself now? I think he enjoyed being an agent a little too much and I think Jimmy is happy that he's back, but I think Jimmy loved being in charge, too. So, not sure how that whole situation is gonna go down. Glad everybody is back to where they are supposed to be, though. But maybe Ducky is happy that he's back because he starts talking to the dead again. I don't know. 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

That's odd, guess the promo isn't up on Youtube, yet, since it doesn't air until the 23rd.