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NCIS "Recovery" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The team trying to recover from the explosion and a shrink coming to exam them to make sure everything is going fine.

Abby filled episode. I love these, but I feel bad for her in this episode! Because she's having those awful autopsy nightmares again. The last time she had them was when something tragic happened then, too.

Vance wants everything back to normal, but the team wants to try and get different paint in the office. Well, Tony does. It would be nice for a change. But Vance puts his foot down on changing the paint. Not exactly sure what's going on with him during the episode until the end.

In comes Miles Wolf, shrink guy. Gibbs does not like shrinks. Well, the whole team doesn't seem to enjoy it much. Not sure I would, either.

Ducky is back! Well, sort of. Trying to put in his input, but Gibbs is mad that he's back without doctor's permission. Jimmy is hilarious in this episode! Love that at least right now, he has a bigger part. NCIS agent that was missing is found dead. :(

Miles trying to get Abby to talk. She's having a hard time with the explosion and can't even say the word "bombing". Poor girl.

You know, Margaret's employees were a little odd. I almost was wondering if they had something to do with it. The gun went off during the explosion and some accidentally got shot. Almost wondering if Margaret was like that, but the case can't be that easy. Never is.

How sweet was it that Gibbs was trying to get Abby to talk about what was bugging her? I love their father-daughter like relationship. Gibbs brings up trying to talk to Abby's real brother. She's not willing.

Wow, at Vance's blow out with Miles! I think Miles needs to talk to him. He's having a hard time with all of this. More so then Gibbs' team, I think. Couldn't believe Vance snapped like that! Wow.

At first, I thought that Jimmy really did need Ducky's help. Later we find out it was just a plan to get Ducky back to work, but Ducky is not happy that that's how he was brought back in. And says something very not happy at all: He may not be coming back! :( Jimmy was only trying to help. If Ducky does indeed retire, Jimmy better not blame himself!

So happy that Abby finally decides to meet Kyle, her real brother! I think it's awesome that he works at a pet store. They have a lot in common. And they did great with the casting! He looks so much like Abby! I hope that he's in the show more. He seems like a cool character even though we didn't see him much in this episode.

Was not expecting the bad guy to be the bad guy! You know the girl who was doing the painting in the office and that Tony liked? Well, it turned out to be her! 

Now we know why Vance blew up at Miles. He feels responsible for the bombing because Harper used his car in order to blow up the building.

Of course Kyle has to meet Gibbs. Cute with that meeting. And then, Abby finally falls asleep because she's not alone anymore! So sweet.

Loved this episode, did you? Let me know in the comment! 

Here's the promo for next weeks episode: