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Once Upon A Time "Broken" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

What an awesome episode to start off with the new season! For those who don't remember the cliff hanger, the spell was broken because Henry ate the pie that his mom sent over with the poisoned apple and almost died. Therefore making Emma finally believe all that has been happening and broke the curse! But Mr. Gold did something terrible. He has now sent magic into the land.

First we see this mysterious guy in some city. I don't fully know how he will fit into the story because he does get a note that says "broken" on it and it's a postcard from Storybroke! Strange, right? Ok, at first I thought the mysterious guy was the same guy who played Philip, but I just looked it up and it's not! So I have no clue who the mysterious guy is and how he'll play into the story. But the two fairytale characters we see are Philip and Aurora.

How cool is it that everybody remembers now? I love the fact that Snow White and Prince Charming know who each other now and that they have found Emma and that Emma now knows that she's their daughter! Did we find out in the cliffhanger that Henry woke up? I don't remember that part.

I knew Mr. Gold was gonna do something bad even though he told Belle that he wasn't going to. He's Mr. Gold. Of course he's gonna do something bad. Every story needs a villain. And we find out that Mr. Gold has the same necklace that Philip found in the fairytale world! Now how Mr. Gold found it, that wasn't revealed. Still don't understand what the necklace is about. Mr. Gold makes the imprint on Regina and now some weird shadow thing (which reminds me of demintors from Harry Potter) is after Regina and won't stop until she dies. Oh and Mr. Gold released the thing to go after Regina.

Now we find out that the girl helping Aurora and Philip in the fairytale land is Mulan! I've never seen the actress who played her in anything, but I thought she did great playing Mulan! Then we learn that Philip got marked with the necklace and now this dark shadow thing is after him! Not good.

Poor Emma. I think she's happy that the curse is broken and everything is relatively back to normal, but she's having a hard time believing her parents are Snow White and Prince Charming. They really want to talk it out with her. Which is sweet, but there's so much going on that it's hard for them to get together. They try to make time, though and explain to her why she was sent away. She doesn't agree with them.

Belle is not happy with Mr. Gold at all in this episode. He released the dark shadow thing so that he wouldn't be responsible for Regina's death because he promised Belle that he wasn't gonna kill her. But he's still responsible. What he said made no sense.

Mary Margaret, David and Emma find out that this dark shadow thing is after Regina and of course, they go to save the day. But it isn't that easy. David decides that the thing that wants to kill Regina is better off killing Regina! Not sure why he changed his mind so fast, but it doesn't happen like that. So, they try to send it somewhere where it can't hurt anybody.

Interesting fact we learned in the fairytale part of the story, that Mulan loves Philip, too! Aurora isn't too happy when she discovers that.

Regina gets the mad hatter's hat to try and send this weird dark shadow thing to their old land which is supposedly not there anymore. Weird that it's not working at first. But it does eventually work. And wow, what an awful turn of events for this show! Was wondering what the storyline was gonna be after the curse was broken. Well, here it is: Mary Margaret and Emma got pulled into the hat along with this dark shadow creature! Regina has no clue where they went. Or maybe she does and just doesn't say anything. David tries to go in after them, but is too late. So now he's stuck there with Henry and Regina. But we do find out that Regina does indeed have powers and almost kills David! Henry walks in and witnesses this and is now mad at his mom and doesn't want to be with her until she finds Emma. So, David takes him in! I thought that was too sweet.

Oh, in the fairytale world, Philip does end up dying. Which is so sad. Then we find out that this land that was supposed to be destroyed that Aurora and Mulan are in was the old land where everybody from Storybroke was! Wasn't expecting that! Mulan said for some strange reason a corner of the land got blocked from whatever spell Regina sent on the land to destroy it and so it didn't get destroyed, well not all of it! Then they hear a stranger noise. And guess who they find buried under stuff? Mary Margaret and Emma! Knew that was gonna happen the minute Mulan mentioned the fact that it used to be the old town where everybody lived. But not sure how their meeting will go because Mulan and Aurora are mad at them because of them the dark shadow was released into their part and killed Philip. 

What a great season opener, right? Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below!

Here's the promo for next weeks episode: