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Once Upon A Time "The Crocodile" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Dwarves try to find fairy dust in Storybrooke, Belle is having problems with Mr. Gold and Rumplestiltskin in the fairytale world, goes after pirates who took his wife.

Belle is having a hard time with Mr. Gold in this episode. Trying to figure out if she wants to stay with him or not because he's not truthful to her. I can't blame her. He can be pretty scary. Even if there isn't magic in the town anymore, he's still scary to deal with. But the first few minutes of the episode, it was a dream that Belle was having. Thank goodness nothing really happened to Grumpy. In real life, we see Mr. Gold spinning something, but later we find out he was spinning gold, I think.

Rumplestiltskin in the fairytale world looking for his wife because she isn't home yet. He found her at some bar. At first I thought that this was before he turned into Rumplestiltskin because he was kind of a wimp, but this is after that. Guess he can turn it on and off? I don't know. I was a bit confused with that. But then he finds out that the pirates took his wife! 

Wasn't understanding why David was working with the dwarves trying to find fairy dust, but probably just wanting to help out. Henry was down there, too, just not helping. He probably can't, too little still. David is now the acting sheriff, too.

Belle left Mr. Gold! Kind of feel a little bad for him, but if only he changed his way, then Belle would stay with him just fine. Mr. Gold going to talk to Belle's dad and he's not happy with Mr. Gold at all. Probably about some sort of deal he made with him.

Belle is possibly gonna stay with Ruby! Belle wants to break up with Mr. Gold. She goes to the library, but somebody kidnaps Belle! :(

Mr. Gold is now asking David for help on finding Belle. David finds out why so many people do not like Mr. Gold and he's having a hard time trying to get help with finding Belle. Maybe Mr. Gold will start to have a change of heart?

Rumplestiltskin and the captain of the ship have a sword fight and almost kills the captain! But before he does, he finds out that his wife didn't die and that she went with the pirate willingly because they love each other and she never loved Rumplestiltskin! Not a smart thing to say to the guy. 

The kidnapping was done by Belle's dad to get her back to him! At first, you thought it was a sweet juster, but then you find out that Belle might want to stay with Mr. Gold and her dad is not happy one bit about that because he doesn't think Mr. Gold is good for her, but it's Belle's decision, not his and he gets mad about that and has her taken away and they are going to send her across the boarder so she loses her memory of everything! So not cool.

David can't believe that Mr. Gold is asking for dating advice from David! I couldn't believe it either, actually.

So, Rumplestiltskins wife is trying to make a deal with him so that they can get away safely together (the wife and the pirate)!

At first, Ruby lies about seeing Belle, but then decides to help find her. Guess some of her wolf senses are coming back because she sniffs her out until they get to Belle's dad's shop. Then they just go in there to ask where she went and that's when they learn they are going to send her across the boarder through the tunnel!

In the fairytale world, Rumplestiltskin is not gonna let his wife and the pirate get away safely after all. He kills his wife to make the guy suffer just like Rumplestiltskin! Then Rumplestiltskin cuts off the pirates hand and guess who he becomes? Captain Hook! He cut off the hand thinking that it was the one with the magic bean in it, but Hook had tricked Rumplestiltskin and still had it and threw it overboard and they are going to Neverland, so maybe Peter Pan will come into play!

Now we find out that Hook is with Cora, Emma and all those in the land that didn't go to the curse. This can't be good because they are gonna find out a way to get to the land that has Regina and Mr. Gold and all them and probably seek revenge. 

Oh and Mr. Gold gives Belle the key to the library and is probably gonna open it back up now! She learns that he's still trying to figure out how to break the curse on the boarder so he can leave and search for his son. I almost wonder if that could maybe perhaps be the guy that we saw in the beginning of the season that got that note card? Could not be connected, but I almost wonder if it could be.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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