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Once Upon A Time "Lady Of The Lake" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Emma and Mary try and figure out a way back to Storybrooke. In the fairytale world, Snow White is poisoned by King George and Prince Charming goes to the Lady of the Lake for help.

Really loved this episode. Took some twists and turns that I wasn't expecting coming and I love it when that happens! I'd say that this season is even better then last season and I really loved last season, too!

Took me a few minutes to figure out that we first started out in the fairytale world because it just started off like it normally does. But the one thing that was different, was that they were in different clothing. So, that's what kind of clued me in. It's before Prince Charming and Snow White get married and I guess Prince Charming wants Snow White to meet his mom, even though Snow White is a little nervous to. 

Now we are back to Emma and Mary in the pit with Cora (Regina's mom). I'm with Mary, don't trust Cora. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree with this situation. But thank goodness Mary is alright. :)

There Henry goes again, naming the missions. He loves doing that. It's kind of cute, actually. But David wanting to protect him, doesn't want Henry to help. Of course, that won't stop Henry from not helping. He wants his mom back badly. David just wants Henry to go to school and stuff, but Henry skips the bus. 

Back in the faiytale world, guess who we meet up with? Lancelot! At first, you thought that Lancelot was bad, but later on you find out he was good. :) Mary knows him, too and remembers when he helped her out. So, they trust each other. However, Mulan and Aurora are not happy about that one bit. Aurora has plans on trying to kill them, I guess. Oh, and they ask Lancelot to let them go so that they can find a way back home and he let's them, but only if Mulan and Aurora go with them to protect them. This can not be good.

King George is cursing Snow White! Now she can't have children. Before she even gets married! How she gonna break this news to Prince Charming? But remember, it must get fixed somehow because she has Emma.

Remember Henry not going to school? Well, guess where he went? To talk to Jefferson! Finally, somebody else besides Regina knows about the vault! Henry does! So now Henry has a plan on getting the key from Regina. He tricks her into thinking he wants to go to lunch with her, but really, he just sneaks into her office, grabs the key and goes to the vault. I, for one, would not go to something like that by myself. 

Lancelot comes to the rescue in the faiytale world, but Snow White is mad at him. Thinking he knew about the poison, but he didn't. However, he was sent to kill them, but has decided to save them inside. But he wasn't quite fast enough. They get to Prince Charming and he's at his mom's house. He gets into a fight and his mom gets shot with an arrow! At first, I thought she died, but it was poisoned so now they are bringing her to the Lady Of The Lake. But somehow, it's dried up because of something Prince Charming did and they have to look for the water. They find some, while Snow White is telling Prince Charming's mom about what happened to her and Prince Charming's mom wants her to drink whatever they find instead! Of course, Snow White can't do that, but they trick her into doing it. They get married right then before his mom dies so that she can see them get married. That's why Lancelot meant so much to Snow White/Mary, because he married her and Prince Charming! Then his mom died and they drink something and without Snow White knowing this, the water was in the something they drank, so she was healed! :) Oh, forgot to mention that there was this necklace that would tell you what type of baby you were gonna have. Before Snow White told Prince Charming's mom about what happened, it didn't work. After she died, Prince Charming gave the necklace to Snow White and it worked! That's how she knew she was healed. Also, that's how she knew she was gonna have a girl. :)

Aurora almost tried to kill Emma. They get into a fight and in comes the big ugly monsters. Mary saves Emma, though! :)

Glad David came in time with Henry in the vault! There was some weird stuff down there, but also snakes that almost got to Henry if David hadn't come with Regina's help! Still don't trust Regina, though.

Mary has a really hard time with seeing her home and how it is now from how it used to be. She's really bummed that Emma wasn't able to do all the stuff that Mary got to do, like go to balls and stuff. Then Emma realizes all the stuff that she gave up for Emma and I think they finally come to an understanding. The wardrobe is there! But they don't know how to work it. Lancelot comes, but somethings off with him. Then here's the twist I was talking about: It was actually Cora! Knew she couldn't be trusted. Tries to kill Emma and Mary, but it doesn't work. Instead, it just destroys the wardrobe. So now they have to find another way home. :( Also, some sad news. Lancelot died. I think he died before all of this happened, too, if I understood it right. I'm thinking by Cora, but I don't think that was actually confirmed. One good thing that came out of this. Aurora and Mulan are now gonna help them! Cora getting the wardrobe dust. Makes no sense, right? Well, she has magic. Probably some weird way she can fix it.

Jefferson finally has courage to find his daughter and she's so happy to see him! 

David gonna teach Henry how to fence! Also, he's gonna help David, now! But there's a new character we learn that's in Storybrooke: King George! He was watching David and Henry. Hopefully, nothing bad will happen with this!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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