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Once Upon A Time "We Are Both" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

What a cool episode! I feel like we find out more and more about the town in each episode this season. More so when we did last season. This time, we find out why they can't leave town. The Dwarfs do a test and Sneeze has to be the one to cross the border and poor Sneeze! :( We find out that once you cross the border of the town, since the spell was broken, the curse comes back to you and this time it can't be broken! :( So Sneeze has no idea who he is now!

Wondering when Pinocchio was gonna come back into the story. Well, he sort of did in this episode. His dad is looking for him! 

Anybody else thought it was odd that David wasn't asking Henry about the hat? I mean, Henry knows the whole story and would know who the hat belonged to and everything. Just found it odd that David didn't go to him right away. But he does, just on accident. Henry knows what the hat is and tells David and then he tries to find Jefferson.

In the fairytale world this time, we see Regina getting ready to marry the King and she doesn't want to, but her mom (which the apple doesn't fall far from the tree) is so rude and is forcing her to! Regina can't leave town until she gets married! I always forget that her and Snow White were friends. At first, you think that Regina is gonna kill Snow White, but that was just what she could do or something that her mom is doing to her. I think her mom is turning her into herself (the mom). You feel bad for Regina in the fairytale world. Not exactly sure how she ended up quite like she is today, but maybe that will be revealed later on. Oh, Regina never wanted to use magic. But Rumplestiltskin basically tricks her into doing it. What else is new with him, right? Everybody should know by now that once you get involved with Rumplestilitskin, that there's always a horrible price to come along with whatever you wished for.

Jiminy trying to get Regina to talk. I thought that was sweet. Although, she doesn't want to. Big surprise there.

Interesting news we find out about magic. The power turns people evil. That's what happened with Regina's mom and I'm sure that's what happened to Regina herself, too.

Anybody find it odd that Mr. Gold got all weird once David told him what happened to you when you crossed the border? David is now getting help from Mr. Gold and this could only lead to trouble. 

Rumplestiltitskin knew Regina as a baby in the fairytale world! So, their families have history together. This isn't gonna go well. And it doesn't. He gives Regina some sort of mirror that will get rid of her mom. She doesn't want to use it, but she gets so frustrated with her mom that she ends up pushing her into it and it shatters! She does not like how that turned out at all. So, she tries to run away. She can now that her mom is gone, the curse is broken. But then we find out that she enjoyed the magic! This is not good.

Back in the real world, we find out that Regina now has powers! This can't be good for her or the town. It's not like they can't go anywhere. She's gonna do something bad. Since David blew off the town meeting where he was gonna tell them his plan, Regina goes there and takes Henry! Well, Henry willingly goes, but only because she was gonna start to hurt people. Then Henry tries to escape the house and she did what her mom did to the trees! So, now he can't escape! Poor guy. :(

Another thing we find out in this episode. The Enchanted Forrest is still alive! David finds out this time.

The whole town wants to leave. But they know what happens once they cross the border. So, I don't know why anybody would want to do that. David tries to stop them and doesn't know what to do right away, but he eventually figures it out and nobody leaves! :) Then he finds out that Regina has Henry and he goes to see Henry. 

Does anybody believe Regina's sudden change of heart? Either she's remembering who she used to be and misses that, or she has a different plan. I for one, don't trust her one bit. She let's Henry go back to David only because she wants Henry to come to her when she doesn't have to force him.

Now Mr. Gold is at the border. What's he up to, right? Odd.

Regina almost burns the magic book! But she can't quite get rid of it yet. 

Now comes the moment we've been waiting for! To find out what happened with Emma and Mary. They are alive, but are in the hands of Aurora and Mulan going to their home village and then get thrown into some sort of pit. And guess who's there? None other then Regina's mom! This can't be good.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the nest episode: