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Pretty Little Liars "This Is A Dark Ride" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Halloween special of Pretty Little Liars. They take a ghost train. 

I knew the minute I saw the commercial for this that I was gonna be freaked out by this episode and I was right! But it was still a very good episode.

Starts out with Mona in the hospital making some sort of dummy, just not sure for what. She's always creepy and even more so in this episode. And she's giving -A bullets (for a gun)! We aren't sure what -A it is, though. At first, I was wondering if it was Toby, but I don't believe it is. Almost all the -A's that I was thinking were on the team were on the train, so really, it could have been anybody.

Glad Caleb is getting better! :) 

Creepy that Garrett is at Spencer's house. Trying to tell her something, but they get interrupted by Toby. I just can't look at Toby the same anymore after finding out that he's apart of the -A team. I'm just really hoping he's on there to protect Spencer. But that weird look he had when he was hugging Spencer was just strange.

I believe that Ezra lied to Aria about why he couldn't go to the Ghost Train with her. Could he possibly be going to visit his ex-girlfriend? Or worse, was he on the train really and did that stuff? I hope not.

Loved all their costumes tonight! I'm not sure who's my favorite. It's between Hanna's and Spencer's/Toby's. 

Noel is a jerk, as always. He and Jenna are still together. And were their costumes Prince Charming and Hook? I didn't really understand what they were dressed up as. Weird costume choices for them. But almost think Noel dies, but it was just a stupid prank from him.

Ted and Ashley were too cute tonight! But that whole scene was just beyond creepy. It's mostly about the girls on the train, but they do flip back and forth a few times to them and all of the sudden you see this strange girl in Ashley's kitchen. She wants to call her mom and Ashley let's her, but then she comes back and she's disappeared. I'm sorry, but when scary stuff happens and it has to do with little kids, it's just even more creepy! These scenes were what freaked me out the most about the episode tonight. Then, Ashley can't find the girl back again. Ted never saw her and so Ashley goes looking for her. She finds the girl in Hanna's bedroom. But then Ashley touches her hand and it was like ice cold! So, she puts a blanket on her and leaves to get Ted, but when he comes up, she's gone and everything is back to normal like nothing happened. Now Ashley is thinking she's seeing ghosts. I'm almost wondering if somebody could perhaps be drugging her to make her see stuff and start to make her crazy? That's what I'm hoping for in a way because I'm hoping this show doesn't start to deal with ghosts. That would be way too creepy!

Mona was doing the dummy so that it would make people think she was still in bed, when in reality she escaped to go on the Ghost Train. 

Jason and Lucas are back in this episode. They both actually look creepy. Could Jason perhaps be apart of the -A team? Because that look between him and Lucas was just odd before Lucas left the car and then Jason followed him!

Knew the one person in the costume that kept bothering Hanna had to be Caleb! That was cute that he snuck on board.

Creepy costume person just put something in Aria's drink! This can't be good. :(

Mona's on the train! Which is weird because didn't the train take off before she escaped?

Thought something horrible was gonna happen to Spencer there, but it was just Garrett grabbing her so that he could talk to her about the night Allison died. Interesting stuff we learned. We learned that Garrett made it seem to Jenna that he killed Allison. In reality, he didn't. But we did find out that Byron, Aria's dad, was there! Have no clue why, but Bryon and Allison were having a heated discussion. I hope he's no more involved with this. Aria's been through enough already.

But now -A has kidnapped Aria and if the girls don't find her in time, she'll die! She got put into some case tied up.

-A knew all along that Hanna and Caleb were back together because one of the -A's had the same costume on that Caleb did and Hanna didn't know it, so she grabbed -A thinking it was Caleb. So much for sneaking around.

Why is Spencer always off doing something by herself? I mean, hasn't she learned by now to not go anywhere by yourself, especially if -A is involved? Spencer almost dies! But surprisingly, Paige comes to the rescue! Not even sure why she was down that hall at that moment (thought that was a little strange), but whatever. It meant saving Spencer. 

Poor Aria, she literally almost died! Thank goodness the girls got to her in time. But guess who was the dead body in the trunk with Aria? Garrett! He's the one that died. I know it sounds mean, but I'm glad it was him and nobody else because you never know who is gonna die. It could be one of the main stars for all we know. Just glad it wasn't anybody I liked. But I for one am not sure if I believe his story that he told to Spencer.

Ezra did come! He had come to surprise Aria and found out that somebody got hurt so he rushed to find the train to get to her!

Toby and Noel get into a fight and the drink cooler breaks and I knew something was gonna fall out of it, but just wasn't expecting this: a body bag! I'm thinking it's the rest of Allison's body. How gross is that?

What's up with the creepy hand coming out of the ground? Was that just for the Halloween special or what? 

Oh, we find out that Mona was one of the -A's in the mask. I think one of the ones that tried to hurt Spencer.

New season starts January 8th! Not too far! Yay!