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The Mentalist "Blood Feud" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Rigsby's dad is back and is involved in a shoot out (literally, he got shot) and they try and figure out how he was involved.

Wow, I just feel really bad for Rigsby in this episode and he's probably my favorite character, too. But we finally see his baby! He's so cute! We saw him a couple times in the episode.

Laroche is back. So not happy about it. I just know he's involved with Red John somehow. I've always been suspicious of him with the Red John case. He's always on Rigsby about stuff and not believing him when he tells Laroche something. Especially in this episode. I just don't get why he doesn't trust Rigsby. Like I said, I don't trust Laroche one bit. Why do they think that Rigsby is a murder suspect? Because his dad was involved maybe? I was a little confused about this episode. But of course, it doesn't help that I didn't get to watch it all at once.

Dead guy is perhaps having to do with the gang, but not sure quite yet. There's another victim. We find that out thanks to Patrick. How he spotted that, no idea, but it's Patrick. Then we hear a noise. They go around back to a shed and they don't want anybody to go in, but they call to the guy and I'm guessing Rigsby recognized the voice and went it because it was his dad that got shot and he's not doing well. Rush him to the hospital and learn that he has to stay off drinking and smoking. Not gonna happen with his dad, that's for sure. 

Since Rigsby is too close to the case, Theresa pulls him off of it and I don't think he's too happy about that because I think he wants to seek revenge. Since he doesn't know where to go, he goes to the hospital and his dad had disappeared! But he knows where his dad has gone. He went to the bar! So not good. Rigsby's dad has to stay in the hospital because the bullet could come dislodged any second now. But he doesn't and so Rigsby stays with him at the bar. Shows him a picture of his son and I think they finally have a father/son moment, but then the bullet comes unlodged and his dad dies! How sad is that?

So, the shooting did end up having to do with the gang. There's a new gang in town and he wanted a rival between the old gangs so that he could move in without a problem. The boss of the gang is the one that shot the dead guy (still not sure how Rigsby's dad was involved) to start a war between them! The new gang boss is the owner of the gym! Wasn't expecting him. He's the only one that was cooperating! But before we found that out, Patrick as always has some sort of plan to pull the bad guy out. He gets both gangs to meet together (tricks them) and then they go from there. Rigsby shows up, though, which not sure why. Probably to seek revenge. Bad guy gets away, Rigsby runs after him, they have a shoot out and Rigsby shoots the guy, but he says that he can't move. Now this is the part I don't get. Rigsby walks up to the guy, the guy starts to move the hand with the gun to shoot Rigsby! If he can't move, how come he moved that hand? Weird, right? So, Rigsby killed the guy in self defense. 

Thank goodness that Laroche is gonna be nice to Rigsby in this episode and give him a good report. I don't think Laroche fully believes Rigsby, though. Like I said, I'm not sure why he has never trusted Rigsby. It's just odd. But whatever. Laroche however, gets mad at Theresa for calling Rigsby and then Patrick says he did it. I don't know who to believe there. More then likely, Patrick. I was wondering if the whole thing was planned from the beginning by Patrick that the bad guy would run out and Rigsby would be the one to run after the guy or if Laroche was really being a jerk and just trying to make it sound that way? I don't know. I was just a bit confused throughout this episode. Maybe I should watch it again. It was good, though, just confused.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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