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The Mentalist "The Crimson Ticket" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Wow, what another great season premiere! At first, I thought it was a little boring, but towards the end, it got very exciting!

So, Patrick is watching Lorelei's preparation for jail (which is what I'm assuming that's what they are doing with her) and he really wants to talk to her, but the FBI won't let him. But then, he gets interrupted with work.

The case: Two hotel employees are murdered. Guy and girl, Kali and Rex in Kali's house, but they have no clue why. Very interesting how it all panned out. It took a lot of different turns and I like it when the cases do that. Not all so evenly lay out.

Now it gets interesting. FBI comes to the crime scene after the CBI. Not sure why they are there. Kind of odd. Then we find out that it was just a big misunderstanding and that they weren't actually supposed to show up. Then, the fight happens. Yes, a fight. Who started it? Well, none other then Patrick himself. Big surprise there, right? Well, he starts picking on one of the FBI guys and then he gets mad. Theresa tries to intervene, but that just makes it all worse. Chow and Rigsby get into a fist fight! Like always, Patrick starts to run away after it gets out of control. :)

I'm not sure why they go and visit Gale. Perhaps they got called into his office because of the fist fight? That's what I'm thinking. He was not happy at all with that situation. I think he's a little confused on why they showed up, too. It is strange what's going on with the FBI all throughout this episode. Anybody else think that? But maybe it has to do with Red John's "friend" in the FBI that nobody believes is true except for Patrick and I'm with him.

Because of the whole fist fight thing, the CBI and FBI have to work together on the case! Nobody is happy about that. But Patrick being Patrick, gets rid of them super fast when they go visit the hotel to interview the employees. Makes the FBI think the manager was involved with the girl and so they bring him down town and talk to him, while Patrick and the team get to find out the right stuff! Knew Patrick had planted something on the manager guy. 

Theresa is not having a good day on the job in this episode. First, she's jealous of Patrick and Lorelei and then she blows up at her team! I think she was also mad at Rigsby and Chow for getting into a fist fight with the FBI. But man, she really is jealous in this episode. Never seen her this jealous before. Who else thinks that Patrick and Theresa like each other? I've thought that since the first episode. In this episode, you can really tell that she at least has some sort of feelings for him that go beyond friendship.

While visiting Kali's sister, Patrick gets a call from Gale about Lorelei. The FBI folded (or so we thought) and are letting the CBI have her! Patrick is happy as you could imagine. Theresa on the other hand, thinks that Patrick may like the girl and have feelings for her. More jealously from Theresa shown here. Patrick asks to talk to Lorelei by himself without anybody listening. Theresa is not happy about it, but still "agrees" to do it. But she ends up listening without Patrick knowing. Good thing she did, too! What an interesting interview. He offered to help her escape! Couldn't believe that! Then Lorelei asked Patrick to kiss her to prove that he was going to do what she says and he did! Theresa was really not happy at all after that. Patrick was not happy either when he found out that she was listening in. Also, another interesting thing Lorelei said. She thinks that Patrick likes Theresa! Glad they are getting back to their "relationship". :) Now Theresa is worried about Patrick. I don't blame her.

Now we learn that the FBI was just pretending to let the CBI have Lorelei and now they have to go and figure out who has the rights to have her! I think the CBI should. They've been with the case a lot longer then the FBI has. And Patrick makes a good point. No telling what would happen to Lorelei outside of the CBI's hands. Totally forgot that Patrick and Lorelei had a relationship in the season finale! Now I wonder if Patrick planted that bead in the FBI's jacket? He was never near him, though. So, not sure if he did or not. I'm wondering if he did just to get Lorelei. That would seem like something he would do. He could do it very fast and wouldn't even have to touch the guy.

Was not expecting the lottery to be the clue for the case! I was kind of thinking it might be because the only witness we saw them interview, mentioned the lottery. Now the whole scream she heard made sense. Kali won the lottery! Rex was fixing her computer. She went to get the whine and that's when it all went bad. And guess who the bad guy was? The cop! I thought he was acting a little odd in the beginning. But Kali's family needed the money. It so wasn't fair. They catch all the bad guys, though. And give the money to the right owner. That part was awesome!

Now comes the time when Lorelei gets put into the CBI's care, but guess what? Red John gets to her first! Patrick knew something like that was gonna happen. As soon as he asked what was taking so long, I knew something was gonna happen. She's been switched! Now we have no clue where she ended up. Still no idea who Red John's "friend" is in the FBI.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments!

Here's the promo for the next episode (which looks amazing!):