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The Mentalist "Devil's Cherry" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

What an interesting episode, right? Before everything started happening, I thought Patrick wasn't acting himself from the moment the episode started. Weird. Even the guys notice and Rigsby wants to invite him to a guys night out, but nobody wants to actually ask him. But then, he really starts not acting like himself. As always, Patrick wants to make tea in some strangers house. I for one, would never do that, but it's Patrick. Anyways, the next thing you know, you hear a weird noise coming from the pot on the stove. Well, a rabbit is inside! It just gets weirder. Nobody mentions the rabbit and then Patrick loses it and runs after it. Sees some people who were dressed very odd and goes to this gate and inside is a garden. Anybody else immediately think of the "Secret Garden" at that point? It's weird already, but now it's even weirder if that's possible. There's this random girl talking to Patrick as if she knows him and saying "What took you so long?", etc. Then we find out that it was his daughter! He then follows her to the guys private office and then the whole team starts acting strange when Patrick says that his daughter is dead. Just then, it goes back to the present and we realize that Patrick has been drugged by the tea! Everything up until this point makes a whole lot more sense, right? Oh, Charlotte also knows about Red John and is getting tired of that always been the topic of discussion.

Victor, the guy that died was having an argument the night before with someone and it was about something called the Blue Orchid. Very strange case they are working on, too. 

Now we are back in Patrick's dream state. I thought that they did a really good job at casting Charlotte. She looks like Patrick. Also, she was asking some pretty strange questions. The main one being "Do they know who Patrick is?". What's that supposed to mean? I know that some people believe that Patrick is Red John himself, but I really hope that's not the case. All Patrick says is that a few people know, but he wouldn't say anything more about it. The only reason why I would think Charlotte would ask that question is because he's Red John. But like I said, I really hope they wouldn't through that twist into the story. Oh and when Patrick comes to again, he escapes! But don't worry, Theresa is there and finds him. He still isn't feeling well when he escapes and at first you think his car is parked out front, but then you realize he's dreaming again and it's just an ambulance. 

Walking back through his steps because all the stuff that happened in the kitchen, he think he made a break through in the case! Come to find out that most of what he saw wasn't real. But they did go back to Victor's work place. I think that's when it all clicked into place. Remember the neighbor? It turned out to be her! I think it's kind of cool how they catch her. Make her think that she drank the poison that Patrick got and she starts to panic and they make her think she starts seeing things!

Patrick starts to feel better at this point because Charlotte disappears. Kind of sad in a way and I think he enjoyed it a little too much because at the end of the episode, you see him start to take the stuff again just to see his daughter! This can't be good.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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