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The Mentalist "Not One Red Cent" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Bank robbery goes bad when an employee gets murdered, so the CBI team investigates why.

Patrick is pretty oblivious at the beginning of the episode. He's going in to get his shoes resoled and there's a bank robbery happening right across the street and he doesn't realize what's happening until the gun shot goes off. Of course, I'm not sure if I would have picked up on the fact that a bank robbery was happening, either, if it was me. It was just kind of funny, in a way. :)

The gun shot that Patrick heard was the shot that killed the assistant manager and so naturally, the CBI team gets called. I think Theresa is a little surprised to find out that Patrick was there already. The shoe shop guy gave Patrick some shoes to wear until his were done. :)

Weird that Patrick doesn't follow along with Theresa. He normally does at first. But of course, he's curious about why the safety deposit box safe door is open. It is a little odd. They also find out that the guy getting shot is the first one to happen on these bank robberies that are happening, so they want to find out why they changed their MO.

Theresa getting called by Bertram, this can't be good for her. The FBI agent is there. Mad at the CBI team again for invading their terf because they have the lead. But since there's a murder, Theresa and her team get it! :) Anybody else see the hint of a possible romance going on with the FBI agent and Theresa? I didn't think he liked her that way until now. I kind of wonder if she likes him.

So, manager and fiance were both going to the bathroom the time the bank robbery happened, but what's weird is that the fiance doesn't remember seeing the manager. 

Grace should know by now that she shouldn't bet with Patrick. Patrick will always wins, but she still goes along with it to tries and figures out who can guess the name first. Patrick wins, though and she owes him lunch now for the week. We also find out that somebody went to the safety deposit boxes while the bank robbery was going on! That's why the door was standing open.

We find out that the bank robbery had an inside man! Now trying to figure out who it is. But we do find the rest of the bank robbery team. They all worked at the same place!

Patrick has a plan on trying to figure out who the killer was and is trying to do it at the funeral! As always, Theresa is not happy when he does stuff like this. Not sure if it accomplished anything, but he searches the house and found a plane ticket! So that means, the assistant manager was in on the bank robbery!

I always love it when Patrick tries to figure out where something is at by reading people. It's cool. Not sure how he does it, but it's cool. He does that with the safety deposit box. Figured out that the gun was placed in one and that one of the employees must have killed the assistant manager and had a box under a different name. He finds the murderer and you'll never guess who it is! The fiance!

Now we learned how Patrick knew the name before Grace did. He followed the movement of her hand! 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: