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The Mentalist "Red Dawn" 100th Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I love 100th episodes. Mainly because you see a bunch of old characters that have left or died that you loved and see them come back. 100th episodes are normally really awesome, too! I especially loved this one. Looking back at how Patrick got his start at CBI. A definite must watch for major fans of the show!

You know how it normally says like 5 years ago if they go back in time? Well, loved how this one just says "Several years ago". Thought that was too funny!

So, we see how Patrick got his start with the CBI and it was very interesting. Probably my favorite episode of the whole series. He goes to the CBI because he finds out that they are now in control of the Red John case. So, he goes to Theresa and tries to get the case files from her so he could read them. It's gonna take a while, so Theresa has Hannigan escort him out and like Patrick, he always provokes people (that is one of the things that hasn't changed about him) into making people angry and Hannigan hits Patrick because of something he said! So not good.

Actually, Patrick hasn't changed all that much. He still provokes people and he still doesn't fully listen to Theresa and just does his own thing. Of course, I think Theresa is used to that by now.

Virgil wants to find a why to make Patrick happy after being hit. So, he gets to go along with Theresa on the case! This is how he starts to get involved. But Patrick doesn't too well when he sees his first dead body on the scene. Thanks to him, though, they know that there was a lady there with the guy, too! Can't believe he can catch that stuff. Wow.

It just always amazes me how Patrick can catch stuff that other people can't. He was right about the lady date and right about the drinking! His date left before the date was done because he had had too much to drink!

Only person we didn't see at all in this episode, was Grace. She wasn't apart of the team yet back then. Kind of bummed not seeing her.

I love it when they try to make all the characters look so different and younger and I thought that they did a great job in this episode! But I think it's funny how everybody has changed, except for Chow. Anybody else notice that or was it just me?

Theresa was surprised that Patrick came back the next day. He's really eager to look at those Red John files. 

This is how he gets on with the CBI: Theresa asks for his help on the case! She realized that he has a gift for noticing stuff and they are stumped on the case. So, now they are working together.

Loved how he tried to get the bad guy to come out. Got the group together. He made taro cards. Had each member think of their worst nightmare and pick a card. That part was cool. I don't know how he did it. Especially with the cop guy at the end, but he somehow switched those cards. The cop guy did have a magician card, I know it, but then he picked it up again and it was the hangman! Wow. Patrick is quick with his hands. Probably switched them without us knowing. I think Patrick enjoyed catching the bad guy. 

Hannigan doesn't want to work with Patrick. So he moves to a different department and that's where Grace comes in! We don't actually see her, just her file and I guess we know how it goes from there! :)

Patrick finally gets the files. Looks through them all night. Team comes in to find him sleeping on the couch.

Virgil gets a call from FBI agent Alexa asking about Patrick and talking about Red John. Wanting to have updates on Patrick and the case. I'm wondering if this is the FBI agent that is the "friend"? Who was that guy sitting with her in the limo? Could we finally have a face to the name: Red John? 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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