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Burn Notice "Desperate Measures" Mid-Season Premiere Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Burn Notice is back with one of the most action packed mid-season premieres! Loved the premiere with this 2 hour episode.

A lot of questions were answered in this premiere. The main one being, who killed Nate. It was Tyler, but he was a hit man hired by Michael's boss! I still can't believe that he's the one who has betrayed Michael all this time. Poor guy (Michael). 

So, they are still stranded in the middle of no where in Panama (I believe, right?) and still trying to get out.

Madeline has a hard time finding out who the bad guy is. Especially since she has to meet with him again the next day! She has a hard time trying to remain calm knowing that he's the one who killed her son. She does fine with it, though. The guy is just a jerk. Asking her if Michael has contacted her, but she lies to him because he has. I also loved the part when she went to the computer hacker and started threatening the guy to get him to help with getting Michael out without anybody knowing!

You think their plan on getting onto the plane is working until the bad guys notice them and they lose the most important part of the team: Michael and Tyler! They get captured by the bad guys and get tortured big time all because the guys (who's flying the plane), brother wants to know where they are taking the plane. So, naturally, Fiona is super mad that Michael got away and basically forces the guy to turn the plane around so that they can get back to Michael!

Michael lied to Madeline about who Tyler really was. I don't think he had a right to do that. But of course, I think she would have been mad either way. She does eventually figure out that Tyler was the bad guy and that he is now working with Michael to bring down Tom. Madeline wants to meet with Tyler to talk to him. Not sure how that was gonna turn out, but she just basically makes him feel like dirt about what he did. Good. :)

Remember the girl that helped Fiona in jail? Well, she's back in this episode and ends up being the "client"! :) Bad cop is threatening to send her back to jail and lose her kid again. However, that all works out, too. Now her and Fiona are even. 

Here's a sad part: Madeline is leaving town! I think it might be good for her because then Michael won't have to worry about her too much being too close to home for him. But it could be bad in the same way. I'm hoping something happens and that she has to stay in town because I love her character. She still is mad at Michael and thinks that he hasn't been the same son. I think Michael has changed, too.

Now comes the best part: Meeting between Michael and Tom! Michael got tired of being "dead" and decided to "help" with the situation. Only it made matters worse because what he thought was happening between Tom and Tyler, wasn't really (if I understood it right). But here comes the best part of the whole episode: Michael shoots Tom! After Tom offered to have Michael work for him! Nice try buddy. Glad he did something. But now Michael is on the run again for shooting the boss. I wonder how he's gonna prove that Tom was bad? Guess we will have to find out! :)

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!