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Castle "After Hours" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Castle and Beckett have a family dinner with both parents and it doesn't go too well. That part was interesting, I guess is the right word for it. Parents not getting along at all. But neither Castle or Kate try to really stop it. Then they get called onto a case and have to leave the parents alone! Not a good idea. Now Castle and Kate are arguing because of it.

Priest murdered in an abandon building, so the team has to figure out why a Priest was killed. Odd that someone like that would be murdered.

Ryan is a little nervous about this case, to say the least. He's afraid of nuns for some weird reason. Trying to act all innocence around them and stuff.

The Priests' best friend was in the mob! Um...could possibly have something to do with it.

Now it gets really interesting. Castle and Kate go to get the witness (still arguing about the dinner) and run into the bad guys! Get into a fight with them, but the witness saves them and now they are stuck with him and on the run from bad guys with no way to get out of a bad neighborhood.

Castle thinks he has a brilliant idea by trying to wake up a residence in an apartment building, but it just makes the guy really mad and threatens them! Now Kate is blaming Castle for the situation they are in. How it's his fault, have no clue.

Thank goodness that back in the police station, the team figure out something is wrong with Castle and Kate. Espoistio finds where Kate's phone was and then goes to the apartment, but by himself? I thought that was strange. He then really finds out that something is wrong and that Castle and Kate are for sure missing. 

Remember how Castle and Kate's parents were not getting along at all? Well, I think they are at this point because they go to the police station and try to figure out what's going on. Glad they are finally getting. That will make Castle and Kate happy.

Wow, what a twist at the end, right? Was not expecting the witness to in fact be the bad guy! Poor Kate was in big trouble. Glad Castle figured that out in time to figure out stuff. I was really shocked when the witness guy turned out to be the bad guy because I was actually starting to like him. 

Oh, forgot to mention that Castle was kind of kidnapped by the mob, but they made a trade at the end and finally, the police show up just in time! Yes! 

Another shock for Castle and Kate when they got back and saw their parents: getting along! They couldn't believe their eyes. That part was hilarious!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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