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Castle "The Final Frontier" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Kate and Castle investigate a murder at the sci-fi convention.

Almost felt like I was in a Star Trek episode at the beginning. It first starts off with a crew in a "spaceship" and later we find out it was just a ride. But that's where the murder scene is. There was supposed to not be a real dead body there, but there was and so Kate investigates what happened.

Castle was at the convention already signing comic books! LOL. :) Some of he's fans are pretty crazy.

Then comes in Kate and we slowly find out that she was a huge fan of the show where the scene took place, Nebula 9. Castle thinks the show was lame and so naturally, he teases her for liking it.

Castle kind of loves the case a little bit because they find out that the person was killed by a real lazer! Didn't think they even made such a thing. But they find a person who invented it and sold it to the girl for the sci-fi convention!

We find out that Castle and Alexis used to go to this convention all the time dressed up as characters and guess who we bump into a few minutes later? Yep, Alexis! Castle can't believe what she's wearing. Later, she stops by his house and thinks they want to talk about it, but decided not to. Even though, I think they both wanted to.

This case takes many twists and turns, as they always do. Loved how they ended up catching the bad guy. Found out that the lazer gun left some residue on their hands because Castle had fired it and it going under a certain light exposed it. Never gonna guess who the bad guy was: Stephanie! She was a bit crazy if you ask me.

So, Kate and Castle had made a deal. The only way she was gonna show Castle one of her outfits from the show is if he watched the entire show with her! So, of course he agrees to it. But she put on one of the scary guys' masks! Totally freaks out Castle. That part was too funny!

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: