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Castle "Probable Cause" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Castle is the main suspect for a murder investigation.

Yep, you read that description right, Castle is a suspect in a murder investigation! There's gotta be a logical explanation for it, right? There is, but not right away. Man, they really made it look like Castle was the bad guy. I never believed it for a second, though. Neither did Kate.

So, the girl that died, Tess, was killed in a very brutal and kind of scary way. Hung up on a ceiling by barbed wire and killed in some other ways, too. Just can't remember the main thing that killed her, though. I think she was stabbed.

Alexis is home for a visit in this episode. Glad to see that she is still on the show a little bit. 

But after going through Tess' apartment, all evidence seems to lead back to Castle. Which nobody believes. But they still have to investigate it and the more they get into it, the more guilty he looks. What's going on, right? How she died, we are thinking she knew the killer.

At first, I thought the boss was involved because he was acting very strange when they were interviewing him, but they ruled him out later on because I believe his alibi checked out.

Poor Kate is probably the one who's handling the case the worst. Well, aside from Castle, but she really starts to question herself on how well she knows Castle.

Ryan finally decides to tell Esposito about the Kate and Castle relationship. I'm not sure why he decided to tell him and I'm surprised Esposito never put two and two together, but Ryan did. If I remember correctly, I think Ryan told him so that maybe he'd ease up on the case, but they still have to investigate no matter who it is. Oh, they do tell Kate that they know and they promise that they will keep it a secret. Knew they would! I'm glad they were understanding, too. They could have gotten mad.

Now it's really hard for Kate when she has to tell his mom and Alexis what's going on. They don't believe it for a minute and I don't think Kate does, either, but then we find out some news.

Part of his computer was wiped like they were with other stuff they found! Now they are saying he had an affair with the girl and Kate has a hard time with this.

But after Castle gets arrested, guess who visits him in jail? The 3xK killer! Was not expecting him to show up and after he did, it all makes sense now. When Castle gets transfered, he's gonna kill Castle! I don't fully remember all that went on with the 3xK killer. I do know he was bad and that he was after Castle or was it Kate before? I remember the hotel scene the 3xK killer talked about, though. He's been watching Castle, though! How creepy is that? But now they just gotta prove that it was the 3xK killer. Kate never thought that Castle was bad for a second and when he mentions the 3xK killer, it all makes sense to her, too. Now, they just gotta make sure that Castle doesn't die. But it doesn't happen, or so we think.

Who else loved the fact that the Captain was on Castle's side for once? Nobody on the team thinks he's involved, though. Glad to hear that. Now, they just gotta find some evidence for the 3xK killer, but it's hard because he covers his tracks pretty good.

You think that Castle is really in trouble when the cops come to get him because a few minutes after he left, the real cops come to get him! But it was just a way out and Kate finally got the hint that Castle gave her and knew where to meet up with him. The place where Kate first arrested him.

Look a like company was awesome! They find someone who was sent for the Richard Castle look a like add and they find him and learned that the whole security camera thing was faked! Finally, finding some evidence to hopefully clear Castle's name. The guy they found really did look like him, though.

When they were on that bridge heading to the address, I knew that something bad was gonna happen and a few seconds later, it did. The 3xK killer was there and ran into them and almost killed Kate if it wasn't for Castle getting out of the car in time and finding a gun and killing the guy! But he fell in the water, which isn't good because now they have no body. Castle doesn't believe that he died and I'm not sure what to believe, either. Castle thinks it was all planned so that the 3xK killer could disappear publicly to start killing again. But, if they keep their eye out for him, I'm sure he won't get away with it for long.

What an awesome episode this was! Probably my favorite of the season so far. Did you love it as much as I did or didn't enjoy it as much? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: