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Covert Affairs "Man In The Middle" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Annie's got a 12 hour window to try and turn an asset and find suspected terrorists.

Annie is at Eyal's place. Pretty nice place. But it looks like she's having a hard time trying to find stuff in the house. Getting a knock on the door, but who knows that she's there? Eyal isn't there anymore, right? Then, who is it? All they do is slip an envelope under the door. But what's it of?

Still don't really know what the meeting that Seth and Joan are going to. Now they are talking about a relapse she had. Is she on drugs? Are those the pills that she's taking? Also ending her relationship with Seth. But he's worried about her and wants her to tell Arthur what's going on.

Parker is back in this episode. Asking Auggie for money help. I'm surprised Auggie says yes to her. But that's Auggie, though.

Joan knows that Annie shared the evidence with Eyal. How'd she find out? Joan now thinks that Annie is starting to have feelings for Eyal like she did for Simon. Not sure if she is or not. But then again, I never knew how she felt for Simon. If it was real or if it was the case. Well, I didn't know up until the last couple of episodes. Then it made it clear that she really did have feelings for him. But now Annie is going behind Joan's back and going to Arthur for help! He agrees to let her go, too! Joan is not happy. Arthur knows that Joan hasn't been herself. She needs to tell her husband what's going on. 

Is it weird that they are all assuming that it was Eyal who sent Annie the envelope? I mean, no one saw him or anything. I just find that odd.

Megan is smart. She caught on to Annie being CIA. Annie couldn't get her to agree yet, but she will because she's Annie and she doesn't give up on stuff like this quite so easily.

I feel bad for Auggie in this episode. First, his ex-fiance shows up, then Annie tells him she doesn't have feelings for Eyal and he doesn't believe her. I don't know how she feels about Eyal or even if she knows, yet.

Finally, Megan is starting to turn! Got the guy on the phone long enough for a trace. 

Auggie was able to help his ex!

Man, this must be an awkward moment for Joan. In the room with Seth and Arthur. Hardly said a word and Arthur picked up on that. Didn't know that her and Seth were former lovers. That was news. Now he doesn't trust Joan. This isn't good. She has to tell him what's going on!

Annie getting to into the drone room for the first time! This must be a huge deal. Sending the drone in to kill the guy, but the guy got out! How, we don't know. But they try to follow him and find him. Now he's gonna go after Megan. Megan isn't happy about this. She thought she was gonna be safe. At first, refuses Annie's offer for help, but then she agrees and just in time, too. The guy that's been following Megan is at the arts center and Annie and the guy get into a huge fight in the rafters! Megan is smart and grabs the gun that flew away and shoots the guy and kills him!

Auggie wants to know why Parker decided to come back to him to ask for his help. I thought that was odd, too. We learn that she misses him and that she wanted to see him and she apologizes! But good for Auggie that he didn't let it go anywhere and finally said goodbye to her. I feel bad for Auggie about how that went down, but I prefer Annie and Auggie. :)

Joan was going to try and get her subscription renewed, but the doctor that she wanted to talk to wasn't there. Thank goodness. Hopefully she'll decide against it!

Joan is not happy with Annie at all at the end. Annie kind of blows up at her and Joan blows up at Annie. Annie doesn't think she has any friends in the CIA and thinks that Eyal is her only friend. Which is wrong because Auggie has always been there for her, no matter what. Now Joan suggests that Annie rethinks her being moved. No! That would mean no more Annie and Auggie. :(

Wish that they would have a little more Annie and Auggie moments. They haven't really hung out together in a while and Auggie keeps inviting her to the bar, but she never gets to go. Hoping they get back to their friendship soon! I really do miss that.

Arthur was going to have some time away from Joan! But Joan finally tells him what's going on. We don't find out what's happening, though. Then Annie walks in and tells them that the stuff in the envelope was doctored! Eyal played them! 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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