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Hawaii Five-0 "In Time Past" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Awesome episode featuring Danny and we learn a little bit about his past as a detective!

Flashback to Danny in New Jersey going after some bad guys. Then we learn that Danny was telling the case to Steve and Steve gets mad at where he cuts off because the bad guy they are after comes out! They chase him and Danny kills the guy, but he has a bomb on him that is triggered by movement! :(

Now we go to a few hours earlier in the day (can't remember the time and forgot to write it down, oops). Danny shopping for a dress with Grace for a daddy/daughter dance that night and Grace looks worried that Danny won't go through with it or something will happen. Especially worried when his cellphone rings. But you know Danny, he will always try to be there for his daughter. Although, you almost think that he won't be in this episode. 

House has burned into pieces. That's what Danny's call was about. Body in pieces. Probably was blown up. It's really gross, but Max, however, loves it! Cute that Max was the one that referred the dress shop to Danny and now Danny gets teased by Steve about who was shopping for the dress. I know I've said it in the past, but I love their banter.

Not sure if Katherine is a season regular or not, but she's been in almost every episode! And yes, she's back in this episode again. Referring to herself as Steve's assistant, LOL.

Bad guy that was shot, wasn't really gonna kill anybody, but he didn't want out alive and he had like a bunch of bomb stuff in his shed with places to hit!

Figured out where the guy was going with the bomb. Some retirement thing with the military. At first, thought there wasn't a bomb, but turned out to be a huge bomb in a car! They got it disabled, though.

Remember where we came on in the beginning? Well, now we are all caught up and with Danny standing by the bomb that could go off if he moved at all. So, to keep his mind off of that, Steve has Danny finish his story with the case and it was sad and good at the same time. Guys died, but first, killed his partner who ended up being named Grace (that's where we figured out that he named his daughter after her, how sweet, right? - I loved that part). But then Danny tells them that the place is surrounded and you think it is because you hear sirens, but then you find out that it wasn't for him, but that the day was 9/11! :( That's why the cops were going by. This was also the day he found out that he was gonna be a dad! So, Danny got out fine out of both spots. And he made it to the dance! Doesn't look like he's quite enjoying it, but oh well. :)

Fun fact: Song at the beginning was a One Direction song "What Makes You Beautiful". Sorry, huge One Direction fan, so I was so excited when that song came on! Perfect fit for the opening scene.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode:


  1. FYI: Catherine became a main cast member for season 3, even being added to the opening credits. As for the episode, I felt it was hyped up to be an episode mainly about a past case of Danny's, not that it would take 15 minutes of the hour to do the past case of Danny's. Plus, I felt the premise was pretty weak, Danny gets in a sticky situation with a bomb early, then it back tracks to show what happened, remember that from somewhere? They just repeated the premise from the season 1 episode Hana ʻaʻa Makehewa in which the opening shows Chin with a bomb around his neck then the episode back tracks. I don't like repeated premises. The PRESENT part of this episode, I didn't like, and it's rare I say that. However, I really liked the PAST part of it. It gave us more insight into Danny, which they've done a bit of this season, while also answering a question a LOT of people were wondering, where was Danny and what was he doing on 9/11?

    1. Oh, no I didn't know that Catherine had become a main character! Good to know! I really love her character. Now that you mention it, I didn't put those two episodes together, but that's true. It was a repeat episode, in a way. But nice to learn more about Danny. I like when they do that, learn more about other characters besides the main character. Not that I don't like learning about Steve (he's my fave character), but still, it's nice and adds to the show and you get to more attached to the characters.

    2. I like that we learned more about Danny, he's become one of my favorite characters (of course he's second behind Steve, but that's because Steve is awesome haha). The way the writers and producers have done character development has astounded me, they have done quite a great job IMO. Adding background to them is even greater.

      As for Catherine, I liked her character in season 1, in fact I thought she was kind of misused season 1 because almost every time she appeared it was only to do a favor for Steve, not to do any work herself. That's why I love she's a main character this season and is getting more screen time and getting her own action in the episodes. She has become my third favorite cast member (behind Steve and Danny)..

      As for the repeated episode part, that really turned me off on that episode. I expected different from the writers.


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