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Hawaii Five-0 "Mohai (Offering)" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The team investigate a ritual murder.

Just to warn you guys now, I missed the first five minutes because my DVR decided to not record it. :( Good thing it wasn't too hard of an episode to catch up on. The part I came in on was Katherine and Steve making out on the couch.

I love the relationship between Danny and Grace. It's so cute and sweet. Especially in tonight's episode. Danny is mad that Grace decided to go trick-or-treating with her friends instead of Danny. So, Danny went to Steve's house to vent, but then they get the call.

Car accident, but when they arrive on the scene, they find out it wasn't a car accident at all. Now they are looking for the missing driver, Lisa. At this point, they think it's a kidnapping. But seriously, after that accident, how could someone walk away from that? But nobody could. Found the girl dead in a dumpster in an alley. First, there was a weird noise coming from inside the trash can. Kono opens the lid and out pops a black cat. Just has to be black, right?

Who else felt weird watching a Halloween episode after Halloween happened? I'm one of those people who just feels weird doing stuff like that after the holiday. I know some people don't mind, though and that's fine! :)

Max's costume was awesome! He found something weird about Lisa, though. Somebody had taken out her organs before hand while she was still alive! Gross, right? Poor girl. Found out that there was such a thing as organ trafficking. Never knew that!

Katherine getting some girl time, but only with Grace. That part was cute. Her telling Grace that every minute with a parent helps whenever they can spend time together. 

We find out that it wasn't organ trafficking because the removal was not done by professionals. The knife to do it had a unique handle. A Pentagram. Knew that before Max even said it. Creepy!

Lisa lied to her parents about where she was going that night. Said she was going to the library, but instead went to some wild party at a vacant house that is supposedly haunted (that coming from Steve). It looks like it could be that type of house. This scene was too funny when Danny and Steve go to search the house. Steve telling Danny the place is supposed to be haunted and now Danny is freaked out! Even says "I'll just wait in the car!". Danny finds someone who he thinks is dead, but he isn't and so that scares me and Danny. Come to find out it's the guy who put the party on in the first place and knew who Lisa was and so that helped with the case a lot! Got video of her with some guy, Lucas, and someone was watching the both of them in a goat mask!

Now we find out that the murder was a ritual murder. With black magic. Also, we find out that Lucas is kidnapped, not the bad guy like I first thought. However, we do see the bad guy. Seth. Lives with his grandma! At first, you think the grandma is all innocent, but she's not! Lucas got out of that cage he was in, ran up stairs and if it was me, I would have ran out of the house, not talked to anybody, but no, he talks to the old lady and calls 9-1-1 from there, too! Why would you do that from a place you are trying to escape from? But because of that, we find out that the grandma knew all about it and stabs the guy! Seth comes back and the grandma asks him to clean up his mess. She's a bit insane if you ask me.

Steve totally believes her, too when they finally get to the house, even though they are too late. Because she wants to "help" her grandson. Officer takes her downtown and fakes a heartattack to get the guy to uncuff her so that she could kill the police guy! Now Steve gets the call of what happened and now they finally know they were being played. Danny's the one who figured it out. Before Steve arrived, the grandma had called Seth to let him know what's going on and now he's really mad. So, now the team has to find Lucas even faster in order to get to him in time. Don't worry, they do and they shoot Seth and save Lucas just in time, too.

LOL at Steve trying to watch Chucky while he's making out with Katherine. I think she finally realizes what he's doing and so they stop. But now they get interrupted by Danny and Grace trick-or-treating a day late! Make up date from the last night. Kind of cute. But now they are going to watch the "Notebook" with Steve and Katherine.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I really enjoyed tonight's episode. I always love when they delve even a little bit into the Grace-Danno relationship, as if I didn't know otherwise, I'd believe they were really father-daughter. I thought it was a very well put together episode, mixing in a lot of different episodes I enjoy. There was action, there was more of the Grace-Danno relationship, and it also had more of the Katherine-Steve relationship. Let me say this now, I didn't mind, but wasn't overly fond of Jenna season 1, couldn't stand Lori season 2, but I LOVE the addition of Katherine in season 3, especially as a love interest for Steve, who needs a love interest. Also want to let you know that I have now bookmarked this site, for two reasons: A) For Hawaii Five-0 reviews. B) For Burn Notice reviews.

    1. Wow, thanks! Glad you love my site and reviews. :) Yes, I too am loving the Katherine and Steve relationship. Wasn't she in the show before? I didn't mind Lori too much, but she wasn't my favorite. :) Next weeks looks even better with a lot of action and involving Danny it looks like! Steve is my favorite, but Danny is next in line on the list! :)

    2. Katherine was in the show for a few episodes in Season 1, but I don't remember her appearing at all in the second season. Next week not only involves action regarding Danny, it features Danny. It is an episode where he tells Steve of one of his biggest cases back when he was in New Jersey, which I am glad they are doing. I like that they are going deeper into Danny's past this season, moreso than in past seasons. They dealt with why he doesn't like water earlier in the season, and now they're going to look at him back when he was still in New Jersey. Unfortunately, next week's episode doesn't seem to involve (at lleast I'm guessing it doesn't) involve Doris and seeing more about what's happening with her.

    3. Yeah, that is true, but I like it when they tell us more info about the stars themselves. In a way, makes the show more interesting to me, anyways.


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