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NCIS: LA "Dead Body Politic" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The team try to figure out if the death of a member apart of the U.S. Senatorial Candidate was accident or murder.

Knew that the guy at the beginning talking on the phone was going to be the one who died. I mean, that's how most episodes start, right? He seems a little worried about something and trying to get a hold of somebody, but they are busy. Later we find out that he worked for Monica Tenez who's running for the U.S. Senatorial Candidate. Now the team tries to figure out why he was murdered.

Funny moment between Callen, Sam and Hetty at the beginning. Excersizing on bikes and the guys are sweating like crazy, but Hetty isn't breaking a sweat and is at the max on her bike! How is that even possible? We also learn that nobody can talk politics with Hetty. Not really sure why, but Nell tries to and gets shut up by the guys. Not good when Deeks calls Sam and Callen old. He's never gonna live this down!

Granger is back. Haven't really liked him much since he first came on. Don't know why. We actually don't know much about him, so that could be why.

Deeks always cracks me up. He's my favorite character. Hitting on the politician volunteers and now Kensi is mad at him and makes him pick the lock! Which, he doesn't do a bad job at, either.

Learn that the guy who died, Clay, was gonna quit his job, just not sure why, yet.

Do I detect more jealously between Eric and Nell when Nell was trying to tell Eric which guy they were talking about? When will there be more between this couple? I want it to happen!

Now the case starts to become more clear. Clay found a kill list in the mail! Perhaps this has to do with his murder and him wanting to quit? It would make sense.

Deeks and Kensi talking to Senator Dick. He was kind of jerk. But how'd he know about the kill list if that news wasn't released? He thinks Monica will drop out because she's not hacking it in the race. But boy was he wrong! She's tough and won't quit. Though, she might have put everybody on her team in trouble.

Now they find out that somebody is sending rude and possibly threatening emails. They find him and that whole scene was funny trying to figure out which guy it was in the cafe. But come to find out that he only sent one email that morning, not the more threatening one, so who hacked his email and sent the other one?

Good thing Kensi had gone undercover! Shot at Monica, but Kensi saved her! So sweet with Deeks. Trying to cheer Kensi up after the shooting. He's always trying to do that for her. Another relationship I wouldn't mind seeing happening here. Kensi doesn't understand how the shooter missed. Hetty thinks it's an inside job. But come to find out that it was Rebecca that was being shot at, not Monica! So, in a way, the shooter didn't miss. Well, they did, but they didn't. Yeah, whatever. Hetty was right, too, it was an inside job! Lisa! Glad Monica didn't have to pull out of the race and because of this, she's getting a huge amount of votes now! Yay!

Sam and Deeks I think were both nervous for the pushup contest. Sam didn't need to worry one bit, though, because he beat Deeks in a landslide! Poor Deeks. Another thing he'll probably get picked on.

Who's Hetty talking to at the end of the episode, weird right?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode:


  1. I too was wondering who hetty was talking to at the end of the show.
    Over the tv, the commentator says 'that person has two minutes to respond to the moderators question and then the candidates opponent has one minute for rebuttal'
    Hetty then picks up the phone, dials a number and the man over the phone asks if she knows what time it was. She replies and says that of course she knows what time it is while looking at her watch with her feet on the table.
    Hetty then says 'You ready? Direct the first question to the president.' And the show ends.

    Could this mean that Hetty is in fact the moderator? That she is the one who poses the questions to the candidates. If that is the case then Hetty is what Ive always known about her: a true badass.


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