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NCIS: LA "Out Of The Past" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Sam's old partner apparently kills himself and so Sam and the team try to figure out why the guy called Sam and why he died.

Since Sam doesn't talk about his wife much, I always forget he's married. Does he have kids? I can't remember. But we see him at home in this episode in the beginning, then he gets that mysterious call from his old partner and then goes to where the guy lived. But what a sad sight he saw when he got there. Saw that his friend had killed himself! Now Callen shows up and then Eric, then Nell and now the whole team is apart of it. Find out that the guy had a dog, which Sam thought was weird because he wasn't that type of person and his job wouldn't allow it. So, they try to figure it out. Deeks, however doesn't like the fact that the dog is locked up in the bathroom until he sees what type of dog it is, though. Guess nobody likes poodles. Deeks thinks he has a special way with dogs. So, now Kensi calls hims Dr. Doolittle. :) Also, the guy had left who he was working for, but he was still researching something, we just don't know what at this point.

Yet more jealously between Eric and Nell. Eric was caught off guard of how nice Nell looked even though it was way early in the morning. Then she teases him that she had a date. But later we find out that she went out to drinks with Hetty.

Deeks is too funny with the dog. Talking to him like he's human. Now Deeks has all of this info on him. Kensi wondering how he got it and we find out that the dog was microchipped! Deeks scanned it and got the info that way. LOL!

Megan, the girl who they thought was going to be bad. But turned out to be working witht he CIA! Why did she run, then? They were together, dating! Frank had uncovered something.

They found something in the guys' stomach. Turned out to be a code for Sam to figure out with a baseball bat. Pretty cool how that happened.

Deeks is going into the competition with the dog! Waiting for their turn, Deeks looks a little nervous watching the other guy go. Doesn't go off with a good start for their turn, but after a few minutes, the dog flies through the course! But we don't find out who won. :( Guy with the other poodle that Frank was looking into was fine up until Kensi asked to breed the dogs. Then he got all nervous and left. That's when they had to pull the guns on him in the parking lot. He thinks somebody is following.

Go to Robert's parents house and the dad is acting all weird. Then we find out some scary guys are watching their house. That's when we find out that the dad is involved with the whole thing. James was hiding a secret about a necular bomb! This can't be good. Then we find out what's going on. James wasn't American, but he learned English fast and so was taken by the Russians. He changed his mind about the bomb, though.

There are more sleeper agents and possibly more bombs out there because the agents are all around the world! They better find them before bad stuff starts to happen.

The guy did kill himself, but left clues only Sam knew how to find. He was smart. Set up his house exactly the way he wanted it for Sam so that he could find where the clues were.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!