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Once Upon A Time "Child Of The Moon" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Killer is lose in Storybrooke and since the curse broke, Ruby is the prime suspect and David tries to clear her name. Leroy makes a discover that could help Emma and Mary get back home!

So sweet that Grumpy is determined to find fairy dust for David to help with the hat and it actually pays off! You are so happy for them when they find stuff. But it's never this easy. Knew something was gonna have to happen.

Billy was a mouse in Cinderella's castle! But Ruby still doesn't want to go out on a date with him and Belle steps into save her! How sweet was that of Belle?

Poor Henry. He's so afraid to go to bed because of his nightmares. I would be to. They are same freaky dreams he's having. But we found out a lot more about them and I was right! So, he has another dream and this time it's more intense and he even gets a burn from it! How, I have no clue. So, Regina and Henry go to Mr. Gold for help and Mr. Gold gives him some sort of necklace to help Henry control his dream. Also, before that, we find out that the girl is Aurora! Knew it! When Henry dreams again, he does control the fire and talks to Aurora. This time we see it happening from Aurora's point of view and he tells her his name and so she tells Emma and they are both shocked that she is dreaming about her son! Could this possibly be a way to get back home for them? I hope so! I miss them being more apart of the show.

King George a.k.a. Spencer is now threatening David. He doesn't think he's the right person to run the town and that he's not doing a great job, etc. So, Spencer tries to turn the whole town against David! It almost works, but thanks to David, it works out that they still like him. Billy had been murdered and naturally, Ruby thinks it's her that did it because she escaped the cage that she was in and was found in the woods. But come to find out, it was all a trap set up by Spencer to get the town to turn away from David! David convinces the town that Ruby is not harmful (after she turns into a wolf to go to Spencer to prove herself wrong or right, can't remember). So glad that worked out, but it's not over. Spencer is mad that his stupid plan didn't work and so he takes the Mad Hatter's hat and throws it into the fire! Knew their had to be a catch. You feel soooooo bad for David! 

The fairytale world is basically of Red and Snow running away from the Queen because she wants Snow dead. Red eventually finds out that her mom didn't die and that she's also a wolf, but ends up dying by her daughters hand (paw) because she was gonna let the crew eat Snow! I felt bad for Red because I don't think she meant to do that. But because of that whole encounter with her mom (before she died), she learned how to control her wolf power and still remember stuff. She learned that again in the real world, too, because of David.

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