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Once Upon A Time "The Doctor" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Regina is haunted by somebody from her past in Storybrooke, Emma and Mary are still trying to find a way back home and in the fairytale world, Regina is getting help from Rumplestiltkins with her magic.

Storybrooke: A lot happens in this small town in this episode. The fairytale story and the Storybrooke story kind of relate in a way for the stuff that's happening with Regina. She's trying to not use magic. Which is good. Now she's seeing Jiminiy. Good for her. The town people are wondering if David is trying to figure out a way back home. He is. Odd that the Doctor barged into Regina's session asking her if she can send him back home. I don't think she can since I don't believe magic is that powerful yet there and I don't know if she's capable. Regina starts to think she's seeing ghosts because she starts to see Daniel! Goes to where she kept his body and it's gone! 

This is where the fairytale world and Storybrooke start to collide in stories. Regina in the fairytale world taking magic lessons from Rumplestiltkins because she wants to try to bring Daniel back to life. Only to find out that magic doesn't do that. She does however find someone who can do that, thanks to Jefferson. This is their first meeting and working together. So, they find the Doctor (who is the Doctor in Storbrooke as well) and he needs something in order to do the procedure. A heart! Come to find out that the vault wasn't Regina's at first. It was her mom's! She had a ton of hearts. Found one and that's where the stories start to collide. The Doctor in the real world revived Daniel, but the Doctor in the fairytale world couldn't. Come to find out it was all a plan by evil Rumplestiltskin to get Regina to turn bad so that he could teach her magic! In the real world, Daniel was evil. Almost attacked Henry at the stables, but thank goodness David and Regina got their in time! Regina tried to talk to him, but had to use magic to get rid of him because it wasn't gonna work. It did, but it didn't at the same time. But in the fairytale world, the reason why it didn't work was because the Doctor had switched the hearts and it was all thanks to Rumplestiltskin. They were all in on it! Now we know why Regina was the way she was. Because the bringing back to life didn't work because of the heart she had. So, I think that's why she's gotten so many hearts. Perhaps to find the right one for Daniel?! Oh and I forgot to mention one important fact. Guess who the Doctor is? Frankenstein! Kind of figured that out at the end when they went to his house.

Enchanted Forrest: So, Emma, Mary, Mulan and Aurora go back to their camp only to find it destroyed by Cora! All except one: Hook! But they don't know it's Hook yet only until Emma starts questioning him because for some reason, she can tell when somebody is lying to her. They figure out that he's lying and go to give him to the Orgers, but he finally tells them what's going on. That Cora is looking for some enchanted compass. Come to find out that the compass is on top of the beanstalk! Don't know how they are going to figure this out, but guess that's what we are going to find out for next weeks episode!

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