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Once Upon A Time "Tallahassee" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Picks up where last weeks left off. Emma and the gang getting to the beanstalk.

No fairytale story in this episode. Just Emma, Mary, Aurora, Mulan and Hook at the beanstalk and Emma's backstory! It was kind of nice in a way to have a break from the fairytale story, but I also missed it at the sametime.

Hook tells us the true story of the beanstalk. That the giants are evil and the only one that's left is the worst of them all. He had to go up with Cora, but since she's not there, he can substitute somebody else. So, naturally, the four girls get into an argument trying to figure out who should be the one to go up. Emma is finally the one who decides to go up. Which, I think was a good choice.

Enter in Emma's backstory! We find out that the yellow bug she drives, she actually stole it! We also meet Neil. Her first love, from my guess. He also stole the car, is what I'm thinking. So, they almost get caught after she runs a stop sign, but he covers for her!

Emma tells Mulan to cut the beanstalk down after 10 hours if she doesn't come back, but not to tell anybody else of their plan. Mary will not be happy about this if she finds out!

Now we see that Emma and Neil are just stealing from places to make it. Trick with the pregnancy and all. This isn't a great life for Emma. He wants to settle down with Emma! Tells her to pick a place, any place and it'll be home. So, she picks Tallahassee, Florida.

Aurora doesn't sleep, so she volunteers to take the first shift of watching with Mary. But Mary makes her sleep because she hasn't in a while. Aurora just doesn't want to because of the nightmares. I don't blame her. I just had a nightmare a few days ago and they suck. :(

Finally, Emma and Hook are at the top of the beanstalk! They were going to wait until the giant fell asleep, but Emma didn't want to wait that long. So, they use the dust on him and go in that way. 

Emma admitted to being in love at first! I think she meant Neil. But now we find out that they are wanted criminals. Or at least, Neil is because of some watches he stole where he used to live at. Now they can't go to Tallahassee unless they get the watches back and Emma volunteers herself to get them for him. It works, she got it! They have to split up and meet back at the train station. Neil is being followed. At first, I thought that it was either the cops, or he was gonna die. But you'd never guess in a million years who it was! August! Yes, you read the right, August! What a shocker, right? He finally found Emma and is protecting her just like he needed to. Trying to get her to go to Storybrooke. Convincing Neil to leave her and get Emma arrested and so forth. August has to show him something in a box to convince him in the first place. We, however, do not get to see what was in the box. Which wasn't fair. I want to know! But perhaps they will reveal it another time. Now Emma thinks her boyfriend stood her up. I think it was August who called the cops.

Uh oh, now trouble starts on the beanstalk. The giant is awake and shakes the building and ruble falls on top of Hook! The giant captures Emma, too. But she's smart and gets out of that bind. Is nice to the giant and doesn't kill him, so he's nice to her in return and gives her the compass and let's her go. Hook is fine, but she leaves him chained there! Good because I don't think he can be trusted. I mean, it's Hook after all.

Now it's Canada, two months later with August and Neil. Neil fenced the watches and got a ton of money! Wants to give Emma the car and the money. He's mad that Emma went to jail for him. Oh, August told Neil he'd send him a postcard when it was safe to come to Emma! So, guess who the guy in the very beginning of the season was who got the postcard? I'm guessing it was Neil! Mystery solved if I'm right! :)

See Emma in jail now, 11 months later (that's how long her sentence was). Find out that she gets the car, but where's the money? The car had the keychain that Neil gave her! We find out who Henry's father is! It was Neil! Because before Emma is released from jail, we find out that she's pregnant. 

Mulan doesn't cut the tree down because Mary stops her and just in time, too! Because Emma makes it!

Ok, who thought it was very, very strange that Henry and Aurora were having the same nightmare? I figured that the nightmare was gonna mean something when Aurora was talking about it, but then it really made it creepy and more important when Henry had it, too! Poor guy. :( But did you notice that Aurora said that the person she was looking at was a guy and the person Henry was looking at was a girl? Are they looking at each other?

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for next weeks episode:


  1. Great review! I've been away on business for a while now, so I just finally found the time to catch up with this episode earlier today on DISH Online. Wow, was it a good one too! I'm definitely pretty curious about what's going on with the nightmares as well. Some of my coworkers and I at DISH have a theory that it's a way for the fairytale land and Storybrooke to communicate, but I'm not sure, so it'll be great when that secret is revealed! I'm also pretty curious about what was in August's suitcase, because it must have been something good for Neal to just leave Emma that easily. It does make my predication of Neal being Baelfire just that more promising though. Thanks for sharing! :)


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