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The Mentalist "Cherry Picked" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

The search for Lorelei continues and the CBI team investigates a strange couple kidnapping.

Interesting episode with how it all panned out at the end. Was not expecting the whole kidnapping case to end up like it did. But I like those episodes. Where you don't expect the ending. :)

Patrick is still on the hunt for Lorelei and what happened to her. He's interviewing drivers and it all gets solved at the end of the episode. The second driver he interviewed was the one that switched her. He was blackmailed by the FBI (because remember Red John has a "friend" in the FBI) to switch her out because he did something bad. Knew he had to be the one because he was acting all strange when Patrick was interviewing him. Actually, they both were, but this guy was more so. Oh, Patrick does find out where he brought Lorelei, but unfortunately, that's how the episode ended and guess they will save that for later! :( Wish they would have told us! But there's gotta be something to keep us watching the show. Glad at least Patrick found out.

Now onto the strange kidnapping case. They stumble onto it because a patrol cop was around the neighborhood when it took place and died trying to protect the couple.

Isaac thought that his brother and his brother's wife had been kidnapped and then a few scenes later, in they come! Everybody can't believe that they are there and now we wonder who was it that got kidnapped? Then we learn that it was their friends. But that's when the case gets weirder.

Brenda is back because Bertram called her in on the case. Theresa isn't happy about that.

They had a dog and Patrick goes on the search for it and finds it. Learns how the kidnappers got in.

Also, Patrick figures out that there were two different music styles in the house and this is where we learn that somebody else was kidnapped!

Gary and Sloan are the real couple that got kidnapped instead. At first, we think it's by mistake, but later we find out it wasn't a mistake at all! And towards the end of the episode, we find out that Sloan was actually in on the kidnapping! She wanted to have someone kill her husband and get money so that she could be with the other kidnapper. A bit confusing, right? That was a twist I was not expecting at all! But when Risgby brought her to her house to get stuff, knew something was up. Don't worry, everybody gets caught in the end and Gary gets out alive. Somehow Patrick figured out that Sloan was in on it and the whole money plan at the end was all a trap to get the kidnappers!

I love it when they throw a huge twist into the story that you aren't expecting, so I really loved this episode. Did you? Let me know what you thought about it below in the comments section! :)

Here's the promo for the next episode: