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Burn Notice "Best Laid Plans" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

Michael needs to pay for the new ID's and has to steal a high tech product from Calvin. 

Michael still seeing his mom. Well, kind of. In disguise and they can't really hug or anything. Madeline is having a hard time with this. He wants her to contact Barry. Haven't seen him in a while. Olivia is at her house when Madeline comes back and knew that she wasn't at the spa, like she was supposed to be! She gets arrested and Michael will not be happy about this.

Now Madeline is getting interrogated by Olivia. Olivia is horrible. Like always crossing the lines just to get to Michael. She should be fired.

Sam is sticking with Michael all because his girlfriend told him to! :)

Breaking into Calvin's warehouse and it's kind of hard because all the police are there. But they somehow find a way in and Fiona and Jesse get in there fine. Get the product, but Calvin is kind of stupid in this part and he tries to get like wine (I think) from one of his stashes and ends up dropping a bottle and of course, the CIA team hears it and now they are in trouble. Get the whole car shot up and the high tech item, too. Which isn't good because he can't sell a broken object and the guy he wants to sell it to is not a good guy. Also, tried to buy time, but it didn't work.

Madeline got to see Barry, but trying to not make it look like a meeting. He finally agrees to help Michael even though he's not at all happy about it.

Now they have to have Calvin go in and sell this thing that won't work now, but he has to make it seem like it works. It was going ok up until the point he said that he had somebody look at it. Not smart there. So Sam goes in and pretends to be the person who looked at it. All fine until the guy says that he needs Sam with him to do the job and so he kidnaps both of them! Michael is not happy. But before they left, Sam was able to give the location to Michael.

Barry and Madeline were doing fine, but then Barry gets a call from an insider he has in the FBI that the police are on to them and they have to get out of there. Barry gets caught, I think. Nothing ever seems to work out for Michael and the team anymore. I feel bad for them.

Michael and Jesse got into the building where Sam and Calvin and bad guys are going to before they got there to make it look like the high tech thing works. They pull that off just in time. Almost didn't think they were going to. That was a close call.

Now he knows that it works, he wants Sam on another job! This can't be good. But Sam was smart and had the high tech thing open so that Michael could hear in on them and know exactly what was going on and then Sam kind of changed the plan on them so that they could get in there without a problem.

Nice Michael with how he got into the building with Sam at the next job thing. That was cool. Being a "window washer" and that's how he got in. Beat the bad guys and snuck in that way. Awesome. They get out of this situation just fine.

Uh oh, saw the horrible signal on the bench. A big green x. Means to meet Madeline at the park. She's really upset because she let it slip that Michael is still in town. And now she's going on the run with Michael, too! 

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!