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Burn Notice "Over The Line" Episode Review

*Review contains spoilers, so read at your own risk!*

I gotta admit that for a while there, I was starting to think the show had gotten a little boring, but after watching this episode, I don't think that anymore! This episode is what I missed about Burn Notice. Very action packed without knowing what was gonna happen. 

Episode starts off right where the last one left off. With Michael killing Tom and now the CIA is after him and he is trapped in the building now and has to figure out a way out from the helps of his team. Sam is very mad at Michael for killing Tom. He thinks that Michael could have had a different way to go about doing that, but I'm not sure if there was a different way. Sure killing the guy in cold blood may not have been the smartest thing for Michael to do, but not sure what else there was to do without Tom getting away again.

Some of the stuff Michael did in the episode made no sense to me. Like why'd he show himself on camera? Was it just so that he could make a diversion to get out of there or what? 

Olivia is gonna be hard for Michael to get away from. She's very smart and knows the team more then they think she does. She knew Sam. How, I don't know. But he ended up being caught by them because he tried to use his fake name (Chuck Finely), but that's when we learned that she knew Sam already and knew immediately that he was lying. Michael tries to call Sam, but has no idea that Sam was caught by the CIA and now they are tracing his call! Michael thinks fast, though and disables the phone. Thank goodness.

But now Olivia knows where they are going because she was basically reading Sam when they were talking about potential places Michael could go and they almost get caught at the storage unit!

Random person coming in that we haven't seen in a while: Sugar! Remember him? Michael calls him and sets up a trap for Olivia. But being smart like she is, she sends her team in on foot and they find all the places that they stashed bombs and stuff and now they have no way out.

Michael almost got caught, but thank goodness Jesse got to Olivia in time and called her men down. Thought Michael was a goner there for a second. 

Now that they have Olivia, Michael is trying to convince her that Tom was bad, but she either doesn't believe him or she doesn't care or she thinks that Michael betrayed the CIA and the country (which he didn't) because she doesn't believe him. :( They let her go, but she'll find them eventually. Loved their ending quote to each other "I'll hunt you down till the ends of the earth - Olivia" - "I'll meet you there - Michael". 

Just love the fact that Madeline like approves of Michael killing Tom. She decides not to move! Not sure if that's a smart idea or not. But now the rest of the team has to go somewhere else. But where? I love the show being set in Miami. Almost wonder if they will stay, though because Madeline gives her son two choices: 1. Give Up or 2. To fight. Um...which one will Michael choose? I'm thinking fight, but you never know.

Did you love or hate this episode? Let me know in the comments below!

Here's the promo for the next episode: